Canada Wants More Skilled, Semi skilled Migrants from Bangalore & India

The extraordinary plunging birth rates, increasing aged populace, and declining local general population of Canada have allegedly much to do with India & the Karnataka Capital, Bangalore. It is claimed that the Maple Leaf Country would love waves of qualified & semi-qualified migrants from throughout India, and notably from the nation’s arguably most qualified city, Bangalore, to manage to neutralize the ill-effects of the grave populace, expertise, & student shortage which seems to be plaguing the country.

So, it’s hardly surprising that the Karnataka capital has recently obtained a major upgrade in its consular position. The nationals of Canada are reportedly urging more local people of the region to pursue studies and live in their nation, even make the country heir permanent residence, to manage the void the foreign destination’s many establishments face.

The significance of their aim may be gauged by the Maple Leaf Country’s Governor General himself opening a full-grown, fully sovereign consular-general’s bureau at the World Trade Centre (WTC) in the city recently. It denotes the citizens of Bangalore and the Southern part of the country may benefit themselves of permits & immigration services to the foreign destination without going anywhere else, in the city itself.

The same also indicates that the Karnataka capital will have a consular-general administrator who may look after subjects involving the immigration hotspot at incredibly high levels. What’s more: there is also no requirement whatsoever in future to take a trip to Delhi & Mumbai to gain travel services to the Maple Leaf Country.

Reportedly, in an interface with the media–post the launch of the Bangalore consular-general’s office–the Governor General talked about the repercussions of the consular upgrade Bangalore will presently have, and also the subjects in the overseas destination that inspired him & his team members to travel to the shores of India. He made public that the new consular general’s bureau will boast of the biggest diplomatic presence of the Maple Leaf Country in India, in terms of the figure of persons to be positioned in the region.

He added that Bangalore otherwise will be the second biggest consulate office of the overseas destination in India–next only to Delhi. The same will take place as soon as the figure of officials is improved to 36 from 6. The same means Bangalore will edge past the consular bureaus of Mumbai & Chandigarh in terms of the volume of diplomatic presence. Remarkably, the trade headquarters will keep on working in sync with the Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, besides Chennai trade bureaus.

He further said that the Karnataka capital is a flourishing city even while it’s awfully good in the matters of education, besides information technology (IT). The Governor General further said that Canada have an astonishing 600-plus national firms operating from India, and out of this, as much as 25% or one-fourth of organizations dealing with technology are located in the Karnataka capital. They have both physical presence & investment in the area.

He stressed that Bangalore is also a well-situated center for South India even while Ottawa would prefer to make an investment in the talent of the Southern India, and that Bangalore is the perfect spot to begin. He continued that the government of Canada attaches high importance to the latest association in Bangalore.

The Governor General also stated that he would prefer additional overseas movement from this part of the country. Registering a four-fold increase since 2008, at the present, close-to 30,000 students from India are pursuing studies in Canada. He stressed that Ottawa would be happier if more students would arrive on the Canadian shores.

He maintained that the Maple Leaf Country boasts of an exceptionally flexible & open immigration rule, and a student may file a petition for permanent residency (PR) even while pursuing studies and doing a job. And that there is no requirement whatsoever of returning back to India in the time it requires to process petitions.

As if to drive the message home further, the Governor General also proclaimed that the Maple Leaf Country itself is a nation of migrants, who provide it the power to run. And since the local masses is not growing, the nation is plagued with aging inhabitants with declining birth rates. On the other hand, India boasts of impressive human capital, apart from an enormous population base. While Canada has only 33 million people, India has 1.2 billion citizens, he concluded.

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