Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 – Strengthening Provincial Nominee Program

Economic Growth and fill the requirement of workers in Country’s labor market – are two most important factors, dominated Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 – where several proposals came into lime light to reform country’s Economic Immigration system. Jason Kenny, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, discussed the importance of strengthening Provincial Nominee Program, focusing on economic growth and providing better opportunities for business immigrants and skilled workers.

Under the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), starting by July 1, 2012 – the applicants will have to go through a mandatory language test – where they have to prove their efficiency by going through a reading, listening, writing, speaking ability, and need to satisfy the minimum standard in all the mentioned ability test, only then, they will be allowed to go for further procedure. The recent announcement by Minister Kenny however continued focusing on economic streams – to create better employment and business opportunity inside the country.

The PNP, claimed huge success in letting immigrants avail all the immigration benefits across the nation,  is often regarded as a great hope for those who are not capable of qualifying directly the Canadian Immigration Program – get certain kind of relaxation in terms of eligibility criteria as well as numbers of additional benefits.

Being the second largest economic immigration program of Canada, PNP witnesses a marvelous figure of growing number of immigrants in the country. Each province got full liberty in terms of managing and controlling its own Provincial Nominee Program.

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