Canadian Foreign Service Officers Strike Likely to be Called Off

Here’s a very positive news report for all Canada immigration-inspired applicants! As per certain new reports, post striking a pact–to shift to a better pay scale, and conclude a 6-month old rotating strike–the concerned Foreign Service authorities of Canada is presently vowing to focus on positively addressing the issue of the stockpile of permit petitions overseas spawned by the job action.

The contract agreement was proclaimed recently, post the treasury board president had earlier promised to not deviate from a standard, or what is known as “patterned” proposal – only to revisit the table, in the wake of the Public Service Labor Relations Board discovering that he had failed to discuss in good faith. Both parties afterwards made some compromises to strike an agreement.

Allegedly, neither of the parties gave in while both made some compromises. Though the union reportedly gained the superior pay scale it was so eager for, it had to renounce severance wages for those who go away willingly, as demanded by the administration.

It’s the 4th deal inked since summer by the treasury board president, but also the most recent case wherein the administration’s so-called “patterned settlements” were made sweeter to strike an agreement. It’s claimed that the negotiating methods show the administration’s vow to reaching financially responsible deals which are just to the nation’s taxpayers & workers.

The deals arrive in the backdrop of the board president embarking on a public fight; to allegedly improve the public-service bureau, which, allegedly, has not been on too good terms with the unions. It is also claimed that–since the 2011 election–the in-office conservative administration has not given much of an importance to the

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