Canadian Immigration Applicants Must Know Government Processing

Canada nowadays is place of great opportunities, growing economy and rapid development. What else one need for their good future. It has ninth highest per capita income globally and has sixth highest ranking in human development. Canada immigration is a process by which people migrates to Canada. Those who are interested in Canada and want to settle there, can enroll their name under any of these categories of immigrants- refugees, economic immigrants, family class and other (on humanitarian ground).Get-ready-for-canada

People who are very interested to reside in Canada should seek help from Canadian Immigration Consultants, as it is important to take help because the process of immigration is bit complex and demand lot of time. Canadian immigration applicants must know government process and consultant fees. Because it is really important to be aware during immigration process for easier and smooth visa approval.

Skilled workers– it is the point based system in which applicant can earn points or score on the basis of their qualification. Presently the passing score is 67. You need age (10 points), education credentials (25 points), language proficiency (24 points), work experience (21 points), arranged employment (10 points), adaptability for reallocation based on defined factors (10 pints). Immigration process can be lengthy.

Experience class- the work experience class of post secondary will be qualify as an individual as federal skilled worker process under this is

  1. Assessment process
  2. Submission process
  3. Application process

It consist acknowledgement of receipt, preliminary reviews, interview, medical clearance, security clearance, selection decision/visa issuance.

Business class– This program is for those applicants who want to qualify on the basis of their management or ownership of a qualified business activity. It includes immigration opportunity for managers and business owners, who want to create a Canadian business and employ Canadian, self-employed program. It is also for athletic, cultural and farming business who can demonstrate that they can support their family with their business. And last is the investor immigrant program, it is for owners and managers who want to invest with government approved funds.

Family class- permanent citizens and Canadian residents are eligible to sponsor close members of their family.

Refugees- Group of five private sponsorship of refugee allows five or more Canadians sponsor financially to convention refugees from abroad. Canadian sponsor must be of at least 18 years old.

Now it is turn for immigration consultant. It is beneficial to hire a good consultant, as the process is lengthy and complicated, and requires dedication and time. It is difficult for a regular working person to do so. A consultant varies from consultant to consultant so before hiring any consultant do not forget to confirm the fees of the consultant.

Canada is the great destination for those who want their dreams to come true. Its increasing opportunity woos the people around the world, whether they are doctors, engineers, agriculturists,

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scientist or students. Immigration process could take time from 12-36 months. It takes 45- 90 days after your submission of application for the Canadian embassy to issue file conformation number.

Canada is the dream destination for people who wants their dreams to come true, as increasing opportunity in Canada attracts large number of peoples around the world. This comes up with the requirement of immigration consultant who help you throughout this process, which is bit lengthy. Besides relying on the consultant, it is necessary to be aware and must know the government processing.

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    sir , I am having MSW with 9years experience, want settle in canada, so I need a better job offer so i want know more about immigration

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