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The people of India have a special affinity for Canada, and many have tried to obtain the much prized entry permit in this country. The Maple country as a destination which was in the news for a super slow application processing system, has turned around the whole system of skilled and business migration. The Canadian government has shelved the old policies and replaced them with new more leaner and meaner policies. The paradigm shift is a result of the extensive exercise which the authorities carried out in consultations with the stakeholder sectors of the economy, and established economists and law experts.

The officials and ministers spent their efforts in finding effective answers to the impending questions. Although, finding a solution seemed to be out of sight for some time, and everybody was apprehensive of the possible ways that would be found out to resolve multiple issues being faced by the Canadian Immigration authorities. Cutting down on the waiting times, reducing the piling up migration applications were 2 major issues, which humbled even the best experts.

The relentless efforts put up by the various nodes of Canadian authorities in synergy to work find effective answers, which could help Canada re-establish its reputation as a credible destination for highly skilled personnel, business owners and investing individuals.

The intent of the government was effectively interpreted into an intelligent and practical Immigration Visa policy, which holds a lot of promises both for the economy of Canada and the willing migrants. The government is launching the new migration in a phased manner.

The first commendable task performed in the efforts of rationalizing the skilled Immigration Visa policy was creating a separate policy for the immigrants who worked in basic trades. People working in these trades were not expected to satisfy the demanding stipulations and requirements of the FSWP. The government thus, defined a completely new category to facilitate entry of people involved in blue collar professions. This way, the authorities were able to address the long pending demand of various Canada based employers, who needed qualified people to take up jobs in basic specializations, and carry out the obligations deemed critical for achieving productivity.

The next step that government of Maple country took was to introduce completely revamped federal skills migration scheme – FSW 2013 in a completely revamped avatar, which did not only promise a just in time delivery of judgments, but also promised a clearer passage for the people who satisfied all the basic and advanced stipulations of the program. The revised Canadian Immigration scheme for skilled migration programs was launched with 5000 places, and it included 24 professions

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(which were facing an acute shortage of people).

The government of Canada has also initiated business migration in new manifestation, and aims to attract promising suitors to take advantage of the facilities being offered by the authorities under the new Canadian Immigration Visa for businessmen.

The government has carried rampant reforms and installed completely changes the process and procedure of the Canadian Immigration policy. If you apply for immigrating to Maple country, you can be assured a rapid result, and quick entry into Canada.

But negotiating the new laws and policies will need you to get in touch some experts, who have a thorough knowledge of the new laws and have an in depth knowledge of the implications of each statute and regulations. These people will be able to assess your profile and elaborate all the possibilities that may be open for you in this country. You can also approach us for assistance and support. We are highly reckoned as Canadian Immigration Visa Consultants In India.



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