At a Glance Canadian PR Renewal Procedure, Permit Myths

Are you one of the many Canada immigration-motivated aspirants, and keen to obtain Permanent Residence (PR) Card? If yes, you need to know certain things about the card such as its renewal procedure. You also require not paying attention to PR Visa myths.  You need to fulfill certain conditions to get the Permanent Residence Visa Card. As mentioned earlier, you also require keeping some myths surrounding the PR Card at a safe distance.

The Permanent Residency Visas (PRVs) of Canada are usually legally valid for a maximum of five years from the date of its issue even as the expiry date is duly given in the PR Card. It is essential that you, as a candidate, file petition for a fresh PR card six months before its validity comes to an end.

Renewal Procedure

With a view to submit a petition for your PR Card’s renewal, you should fill out the pertinent forms before presenting these to the concerned visa & immigration officials, together with crucial certificates/papers, two latest photographs according to specifications, besides a charge of 50 Canadian Dollars.

Please note that since the immigration authorities of the Maple Leaf Country do not mail PR Cards to areas outside the nation’s territorial jurisdictions, in case you are located outside the country even as would prefer to gain re-admission while your PR card has lost its validity, then it is important that you submit a petition for a travel document, in case you are re-entering in money-making means of transportation, such as planes or buses.

Your PR Card will make its way to your official address in the Maple Leaf Country. It is essential that you proffer a Canadian address inside 180 days or six months of your gaining PR rights in the nation. In case you fail to do the same, inside the set time, then your card would become unacceptable even while you will be left with no options except to file a petition for the same all over again.

Some Widely Common Misunderstandings

Individuals have some misunderstanding related to the card’s use and officially permitted validity.

1) Some inhabitants think that the plastic card is an officially authorized personal identification paper. Irrespective of the fact that the card serves as a personal identification certificate, it is not an officially permitted paper for personal identification. Hence, it cannot be utilized as one for different other objects.

2) Some people wrongly opine that each & every Canadian resident should be armed with a legitimate card at all times. Similar to how you can keep on residing in the nation even post your passport has lost its validity, you can keep on staying, minus a suitable card. However, you will require them once you intend to cross the nation’s borders, or for other lawful circumstances when you will have to show your identity.

3) Several people believe that when they gain re-entry in Canada, post an outstation trip, it becomes compulsory to produce the card to the concerned agency, namely, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), at every given time. This also is anything but right as the need of this card arises only in case you are re-entering the nation in any of the commercial means of transportation, such as a bus or a plane.

However, in case you are taking a trip in a private motor vehicle, it is not obligatory for you to carry your card. You can offer other papers at the entrance to establish your residency position. You can either produce IMM 5292 / IMM 5688 (your Confirmation of Permanent Residence), or IMM 1000 (your Record of Landing).

These papers are given to you when you submit an application from out-of-the-nation, or when you make a trip to your local visa bureau located inside Canada. It is necessary that you satisfactorily answer every question of the border security official, and show your PR position, prior to you receive the right to get re-admission in the nation.

Irrespective of the fact that it is comparatively not difficult to carry around your card, you need not be insecure, in case you do not have the same in the above mentioned circumstances.

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