How to Get Canadian Temporary Work Visa!

Canada is a country with maximum immigration rate. It is a clean, safe and rapidly developing. As the country itself was built by immigrants, today also the nation encourages immigration — mostly of skilled and successful people. Every year, approximately 150,000 foreigners work in the country, through Canadian Temporary Work Visa.

Employers of the Maple Country need foreign skilled labor force to fulfill the scarcity of skilled workers there. Criteria and time required for the said visa approval depends on the work and applicant’s skills. The usual documents required to be attached with work permit application form include:

  • A job offer letter from a Canada employer,
  • Complete application ,
  • Written confirmation from human resource skills development Canada,
  • Proof of availability of sufficient amount of funds available to support himself and family, if applicable.
  • Evidences proving your clean police record, etc

Once a temporary Work Visa is approved, immigrant is allowed to live and work in the Maple Country for a particular time period. The duration for which the visa is applicable usually lies between 6 months and 2 years. Children and spouse of the applicant may also be eligible to work and study in the nation.

To be employed in the Maple Country, it is important to obtain a positive labor market opinion. Some works are exempt from labor market opinion as well. A temporary work visa holder may apply for permanent visa also.

Various immigration consultancies provide free online assessment form. The result of this form helps to understand the exact chances of approval of your Canada Temporary Work Visa Application form. The rules and regulations keep changing with time. So, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest information. There is a possibility of medical exam to occur as well. Usually, people visiting the nation for less than or equal to six months, medical examination is not required.

Canada Temporary Work Visa is an opportunity for skilled workers who want to work there. It also acts as a source of skilled labor force for Canadian employees. As majority of immigrants end up being permanent residents, it is considered as first step towards acquiring citizenship of the nation.

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  • Dionisio Lee Bagu

    good day to all,,i am looking for any job in canada,i’m from Philippines working here in Malaysia now as a musician,i wanted to go there,,hope someone can help me to get my dreams,,thank you..


    Please help to find aCanadian employer for getting a job offer and temporary work visa.

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