Carry All Essential Documents for Successful Canada Immigration!

The right documents play an important role in helping you move to Canada or for that matter any destination in the world. With proper papers/certificates you can make the somewhat complex Canada immigration a cakewalk.

Immigration is a vital security procedure for international travel. To enter Canada, you need a valid Canadian Visa, unless you are from one of the countries where the requirement of visa is exempted. The nationals of these specific nations just need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) in order to board their flight to the Maple Leaf Country.Free Assessment form

Besides, India is not among the list of countries where the requirement for visa is waived off, thus an Indian national is required to apply for a valid Canadian Visa in order to pass through the Canada Immigration Counters.

Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration

How to apply for a Canadian Immigration Visa?

Canadian Visa for the Indian nationals could be fetched by following a well-defined procedure. This procedure mainly caters to the people visiting for the purpose of tourism since business visas are mainly granted through the arrangements made by the individual’s firm. In order to submit an application for a single-entry visa, you need to pay a non-refundable fee, whereas for a Multiple Entry Visa this cost doubles up.

One must download, fill & validate the forms from the Express Entry Canada website. You must provide the relevant income proofs & identity proofs, along with the application. In addition, a cover letter summarising your stay, finance management & purpose of visit must also be attached.Check Your Eligibility

Passport, along with the application, can be submitted at one of the 9 Canada VSF centres across India. There is no need whatsoever of an appointment unlike the American Visa. The visa takes an average of 10-14 days to process. You can avail courier facilities, SMS tracking services to track your application.

How do you pass the Canada immigration counters?

The Maple Leaf Country has multiple ports for entry. Whether it is a sea-port or an airport, you need to present valid documents such as you Canadian Visa/Electronic Travel Authorisation, your immigration form, boarding pass & your passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.

The immigration form is usually distributed in the airline/ship or you can grab one from the airport. This form needs to be accurately filled with all the details. Once you present all the documents, the officers might verify your identity through facial recognition. You might be asked some questions regarding your stay, which need to be answered confidentially.

Lastly, your passport will be stamped by the officer & you can move further towards the baggage reclamation hall.Click Here

On a brief note, in order to pass the Canada Immigration, you are just required to carry all the essential documents.


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