Changes in Pipeline for Global Students Interested in Study Permits in Canada

As per a report, fresh laws, that aim to boost the image of Canada as a chosen study destination for the probable global students, will be brought-in sometime later in 2014. The latest directives–which become effective in June–are allegedly tailored to make services for real students better, while at the same time safeguarding the nation’s international standing for high quality education, & decreasing the probability for fraud and exploitation of the scheme.

At the present, it is vital that the aspirants prove that they aim to pursue their studies in the Maple Leaf Country at the time of filing a petition for a study visa. However–via the latest regulations–they should in reality get registered for a course, and in a situation wherein they stop their studies, they may well be exiled from the country.

From the month of June, study visas will just be offered to successful candidates who are pursuing studies at an educational establishment that has been duly designated to enroll global students. The improvements also proffer students the regular right to work for a maximum of 20 hours every week during term time & permanent during holidays. At the present, they have to file a petition for a separate work visa.

An important amendment is that the guests will be in a position to submit a submission for a study permit from inside the Maple Leaf Country, in case they are at school, what could be called on an academic programme, are visiting students at a chosen learning establishment, or have concluded a duly registered course recognized by a selected learning organization.

When a student has concluded his studies his visa will become unacceptable 90 days, post

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his course has come to an end until and unless he is also armed with a valid work visa to stay in the country. Students, eager to enroll for graduate studies, will be in a position to get professionally involved with work activities on a permanent basis until a decision is taken for their post graduate visa. At this time, they are not in a position to do the same.

There is not any requirement of a study visa by the global students registering for courses in the country that continues for a period of 6 months or less. And the same will not be subjected to any changes whatsoever. Further, students from the nations–whose citizens need a visitor permit–will still require a suitable visitor permit.

Study visa holders, who are pursuing studies at a non-chosen foundation when the latest laws become effective, will have the right to conclude their scheme of study, up to a maximum period of three years, post the laws come into force.

Besides, global students, who are pursuing studies at a non-chosen institute, and have either of these–an Off-Campus Work Permit or a Co-Op Work Permit–will be allowed to keep on using, and renewing, in case required, those work visas until they conclude their studies, for a maximum period of three years, post the rulings become effective.

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