Check Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016, Move In Style!

Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016

Do you know that the Skilled Occupation List of 2016 is completely different from that of 2017, and if you wish to move to the popular and extensively overseas destination on a Skilled Visa, then you must know about Australia Skilled Occupation List of 2016? It changed in great ways as compared to the Skilled Occupation List of 2015.

Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016

Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016

Every year, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) analyses different sectors in a developed economy like Oz, and based on those findings, the SOL might change every year. Yes, it is true!Free Assessment form

Against this backdrop, in case you are denied the visa, for a specific job category in any financial or calendar year, you should not be hopeless or press the panic button. The reason: the next year the scenario might change even as you might get to move under the same job category. But you can end up being consistent by learning about new skills, and these skills can easily help you move to the overseas hotspot on a Skilled Visa.

Australia Skilled Occupation List of 2016

The Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection has given a new overhaul of the immigration visa under the Skilled Occupation List. New changes were introduced even as these are few of the occupations that were done away with.

  • Mining Engineers ANZSCO 233611
  • Petroleum Engineers ANZSCO 233612
  • Metallurgist ANZSCO 234912
  • Environmental Health Officer ANZSCO 251311
  • Occupational Health and Safety Adviser ANZSCO 251312
  • Dental Hygienist ANZSCO 411211
  • Dental Prosthetist ANZSCO 411212
  • Dental Technician ANZSCO 411213
  • Dental Therapist ANZSCO 411214

But on the contrary the following lists were added back to the SOL list.

  • Orthotists and Prosthetists ANZSCO 251912
  • Audiologists ANZSCO 252711

In the fall of 2017, there would be new changes that will be in the force, and only when you are there with a fairly competent and experienced immigration agent it will help you in numerous ways.

Take a look at few of the ways how the immigration consultant will help and guide you when you have got your visa figured!Check Your Eligibility

Job Assistance: If you are on a Skilled Worker Visa then you do not have to worry at all even though if you are abroad. As long as you have availed a skilled immigration advisor it will not be a tough job to get assistance with respect to the job.

Technical Support: The presence of the immigration agent will also help you with technical support. In the technical support you will get to know about the various laws and policies that have been regulating the country, and once you are made aware of that, then you will come to know about your rights and privileges that can help you overseas.

Know about the Australia Skilled Occupation List of 2016 and get to move in style!


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