Check Your Eligibility for Canada PR & Move Abroad Permanently!

Canada, the Maple Leaf Country, has always fascinated the immigrants in a subtle manner. In order to push the living standards across all the parameters, the immigrants are always concerned about the eligibility for Canada PR and movement to the hotspot. You can migrate to Canada in 2018 by following all the guidelines of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The IRCC has different programmes, like the PNP, QPNP, Express Entry, Sponsorship Visa and others to help make the aspirants get the eligibility for Canada Permanent Residence (PR).Free Assessment form

In this piece, as an immigrant, you will get to know about the eligibility for Canada PR Visa.

By Business Investment

In the first category, the aspirants can take the route of Business Visa. This is the most common and easiest route to get the prized Canadian PR Visa after of course meeting with the eligibility requirements for Canada PR. If you are wishful of getting the Canadian PR, you can get that by checking the eligibility for Canada PR for the category and meeting them.eligibility for Canada Permanent Residence

The candidates can either start a new entity or a start-up, or they can move ahead with undertaking the investment in the government bond programme. The choice is solely dependent on their preference. They can take up their call as per their discretion and engage the resources for the betterment of the Canadian economy.Check Your Eligibility

By Skilled Work

Every year, specific sectors are reeling under the challenge posed by the lack of labor. In such times, the applicants can take the help of Express Entry to gain the PR status of the Maple Leaf Country. For acquiring the PR status, they can submit an application under the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), & the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and meet the mandatory eligibility requirements for Canada PR.

In all these visa programmes, the applicants must meet with specific eligibility for Canada PR. For the FSWP, the applicants must be in the skill category of 0, A or B with proficiency in French and English and educational qualification met purposely as per the standards. Whereas, for the FSTP, the candidates must have valid job offer from two Canadian employers with 1 years of experience in the relevant trade and proficiency level in English and French.

And, in case they are applying for the CEC, they must show a valid internship experience on a paid programme.

After they meet with the following eligibility requirements for Canada PR, they can be leveled as eligible for Canada PR Visa.Check Your Eligibility

Eligibility for Canada PR visa can be well sorted by an expert immigration agent. So, before you file a petition, check with them to guide you with the eligibility requirements for Canada PR! Let them guide and help you fulfill the different requirements for eligibility for Canada PR and navigate you through the tough and long drawn out Visa application process! Rest assured the outcome will be fairly positive!


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