Checklist for Applicants of the Business and Investor Immigrant Visa Programmes

If you are a businessman, an investor or a high net worth or a senior executive planning to immigrate under one of the permitted investor immigration program, you have a choice to apply among the following –

  • Canada immigrant Investor Visa
  • EB-5 Green Card Visa
  • Australia Provisional Category Visa
  • New Zealand Long Term Visa
  • UK Entrepreneur Visa.

Following are the key points that must be kept in mind while deciding on an appropriate programme and the immigration destination.

  • Compare the eligibility criteria, investment amount, and dependent definition of the various programmes. Check whether the programme requires an active or a passive visa-related investment, medical and educational facilities for the visa holder and for the accompanying spouse and dependents and most importantly, the business purpose.
  • If the visa is conditional, check on the conditions that you must meet to get a waiver on the attached conditions.
  • Take precautions and perform the required due diligence on financial and legal aspects and take the advise of an experienced immigration advisor.
  • If post-visa, there is going to be a significant funds transfer, you must do research on taxation and reality aspects.
  • If planning to start a business, then get informed about the local wages, salaries and labour laws.
  • In case of long term settlements and relocation plans, carefully consider and choose the destinations based on your future needs.
  • If you are a professional and are using one of the above mentioned programmes to immigrate, then carefully review the credential requirements that you must meet vis-à-vis the related overseas body in the destined country.

On review and comparison, it is best to go for an Immigrant Visa Program that is unconditional and offers permanent resident status immediately on landing in the destined country. All things being equal, Canada Immigrant Investor program wins hands down on eligibility, processing and post landing features.



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