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If you are based in or around New Delhi and wish to move overseas to an exotic immigration destination, contact New Delhi Consultants for Lithuania Immigration! Yes, you are well advised to seek and obtain professional support and counsel from those in the know.

New Delhi being the nation’s capital, boast of several Lithuania immigration consultancies even while, as mentioned before, their skills need to be used to make the cut and get a visa for the beautiful Baltic country located in the lap of the Mother Nature.

Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe, and the largest of the three Baltic States. It is situated along the south eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark. It is a country of gently rolling hills, verdant forests, flowing rivers and gurgling streams, and scenic lakes. Its principal natural resource is agricultural land.

Lithuania is a modern, dynamic country of high technologies and innovations. It is a country of unique cultural riches,

lovely, authentic countryside, unspoiled coastal area and unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage masterpieces. Lithuania is also a primary North European transport centre.

Remarkably, Lithuania is the geographic centre of Europe – it is a lively crossroad between the North, East and West. The Baltic nation has a convenient proximity to Scandinavia, Western Europe, Russia and the CIS.  The country is the EU’s prime transport hub and an interconnection of two major pan-European transport corridors; linking the huge Eastern markets with the rest of Europe via air, sea, rail and highway routes.  Lithuania is part of the EU, NATO and Schemer area.

Lithuanians are among the best educated EU citizens – more than 90% having secondary or higher education, over 30% – higher education. Moreover, Lithuanians are among the European Union’s (EU) most multilingual people – 90% speak at least one foreign language. The nationals are flexible, hard-working and creative people, known as innovators and authors of world-scale inventions, for example, in the fields of biotechnology, lasers and ICT.

The country offers world‘s-leading ICT resources – the world’s fastest internet download and upload Internet and Europe’s highest fibre penetration. The country is a hub of five integrated R&D valleys, six business development (FEZes and IPs) and four logistic centres.

The Baltic nation also offers one of the lowest-costs locations in the EU, characterized by low salaries and relatively low and flat taxes. The country offers generous investing incentives (for example, the INVEST LT+ program, designed to cover expenses of FDIs, may offer up to EUR 3.5 million in support) and highly attractive corporate profit tax reductions for new technologies and R&D.

Lithuania provides free business consultations and training for everybody, who is setting up its own business.  In addition to this grant subsidies for the new enterprises from the Regional municipalities as well as the EU Structural fund subsidies are possible. Its financial institutions also provide the state-supported micro-credits for the new enterprises.

This Northern European nation is definitely among the world’s best, cosiest countries to live in. It’s got it all – beautiful, well-preserved nature, charming cities, clean air, low-costs, safety, friendly people and a rich and truly vibrant cultural life.

These are the main reasons a growing number of people from across the world are interested in Lithuania Immigration, and keen to explore the Baltic nation for various purposes. For immigration to Lithuania, the aspirants can take the help from consultancy services that are located in New Delhi, like elsewhere.

The New Delhi Consultants operating from these consultancies help the aspirants in choosing the best immigration stream. They also fill the forms and help the candidates fulfil the immigration conditions. Hence, contact New Delhi Consultants for Lithuania Immigration! Let these specialists help you easily, and minus any hassles, immigrate to the exotic virginal new immigration destination for business, work, investment and residence purposes.


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