Danish Green Card And Denmark Immigration For Business Controller

The process of immigrating to Denmark is slowly gaining popularity. Many young students and qualified professionals are desirous of trying out their hand at Denmark immigration for business controller occupation. Apart from going to Denmark for work, there are many who are also interested in setting up a new business or pursue higher studies in this country.

Danish Green Card or the Denmark Green Card is one of the ways to fulfilling your dream of Denmark immigration. The selection of an applicant is carried out based on point-based system as used by Canada and Australia for their immigration process.

The Demark Green Card scheme

At present, the Danish companies are highly in requirement of qualified employees as they are facing shortage of qualified work force. If you are confident of providing the services required by these Danish employers then, this is the right time to make the most of the available opportunity. Danish Green Card program offers the qualified individuals the pathway to enter the Danish land and fulfill their dream of working, living and settling in Denmark.

For the Denmark immigration for business controller and all the other occupations, the candidate must score 100 points for getting the Green Card. This will make way for you to settle in Denmark. This scheme enables the non-European Union Skilled migrants to visit Demark and offers a three years renewable permit for seeking work.

To get the Denmark immigration clearance, you have to meet the criteria for eligibility. If you are confident that you can be eligible then, you should file an application for the visa. The processing time for the visa will take around six to 12 months. This will allow you to enter Denmark and start living inside the territory on PR visa. Once you find the job, you are awarded the work permit.

Eligibility criteria for Denmark Green Card

The Danish immigration authorities for qualifying

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the eligibility test lay down various criteria’s. The different criteria include:

Age: You earn points if your age is below forty years.

Education requirement for Denmark immigration for business controller: Masters Degree is considered mandatory for various technical fields. In case of business controller, an applicant must have passed a three years course at business school level or university level.

Bonus points: You can earn more bonus points if your educational qualifications come under the field where the Danish employees are currently facing shortage. You can check whether you occupations come under such criteria by checking the positive list posted on the official immigration website of Denmark.

This also can earn you added bonus. If you have passed out your bachelor, masters or doctorate Place of education degree from topmost universities of the world, you can earn more bonus points for that.

Work experience: Your work experience also ensures good gain. If you are in the same field for past five years at least and have a good experience of working in reputed company then, you can be awarded bonus points for the same.

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Denmark is looking for specialized workforce in certain sectors where it is facing shortage of employees. This is the right chance for the aspiring immigrants to find out their eligibility for the Danish Green Card and apply immediately.

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