Decode Stage by Stage US Visitor Visa Process!

US Visitor Visa Process

Foreign citizens entering the US for visiting family, tourism, or medical treatments are required to have a Visitor Visa. One can successfully submit an application and obtain a Visitor Visa by following some basic steps.Free Assessment form

Visitor Visa is also known as the Tourist Visa. In the US, it is also known as the B2 Visa. It is essentially a non-immigrant visa issued to the individuals entering the country temporarily for tourism, leisure, or any medical treatment. Any foreign citizen–who wants to visit America for meeting family and friends, attending special events, or for tourism purposes–may present a petition for a Visitor Visa.

US Visitor Visa Process

US Visitor Visa Process

Citizens of certain specific nations coming under the US Visa Waiver Programme, don’t require a visa if their trip is less than 90 days.Check Your Eligibility

Step By Step US Visitor Visa Process

For others, the following steps are to be followed to apply for a Visitor Visa:

Step 1: Get a digital photograph

  • The photograph must be square
  • Minimum dimensions: 600 pixels by 600 pixels
  • Maximum dimensions: 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels
  • Photograph must be 24 bits per pixel in color
  • It must be in .jpg or .jpeg file format
  • Size must be less than or equal to 240 kilobytes

Some U.S. embassies or consulates no longer require the applicant to upload a digital photograph while filling out the DS-160 form. In such cases, the photograph is taken at the OFC (Off-site Facilitation Center) or ASC (Application Service Center) along with the fingerprint.

Step 2: Complete the form DS-160

The form must be completed digitally over the internet. After successfully filling the form, the applicant receives a 10 digit barcode. Take a printout of this page and save it for the interview process.

Step 3: Pay the US Tourist Visa application fee

To ensure smooth processing of the application, ensure that the proper amount is paid in a timely manner. The applicant is presented with payment options upon creating a profile on the US Visa service website.

Step 4: Take appointment for the visa interview

After paying the fees, the candidate is required to schedule 2 appointments, one at the Off-site Facilitation Center to give the biometric details, such as fingerprints and photograph, and second at the US Embassy or Consulate, for a personal interview.

Step 5: Go for the US visa interview at the US Embassy or Consulate

On the day of the interview, carry all mandatory and supporting documents. It is advised to carry photocopies as well as originals of all the required documents.Click Here

For more details and updates, consult an expert US immigration consultant! He will help and guide you decode the somewhat complex Visitor Visa application process. He will also help you save your valuable time.


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