Decode Visa Requirements for Top Canadian Business Immigration Visa Plans

Canadian Business Immigration Visa Requirements

Due to the resurgence and structural change in Canada’s economy the nation’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has increased. The result of the survey conducted on 546 Canadian companies, confirmed that investment in foreign markets supports business’ growth domestically. Therefore, the nation has opened its corridors to attract more foreign investors.

Canadian Business Immigration Visa

Canadian Business Immigration Visa

If you’re an investor who aspires to branch out their business to the hotspot or wishes to acquire a new one in the country, then there are many business immigration programmes that provide you a pathway to set up the business in the country and also apply for its Permanent Residency (PR). Understandably these schemes also come with a list of requirements that the applicants must meet, in order to apply for the visa.

Top Canadian Business Immigration Visa Programmes  

In this article we will explain these requirements in great detail.

Quebec Business Immigration Programme – It is further divided into three categories with a set of their special requirements.

  • Self-employed Worker Programme: The basic requirement for this scheme is that the applicant’s intended destination must be Quebec. You’re required to come to the region with the intention to create your own job by practicing a profession or trade on your own account and acquire a minimum of two years experience in the profession or trade of your choosing. You must acquire a minimum net worth of 100,000 Canadian Dollars alone or with the help of a spouse/common-law partner. And you are bound to pass a medical examination and a security background check.
  • Quebec Business Entrepreneur Immigration – The basic requirement for this plan is also states that your intended destination must be the province. It’s essential that you legally acquire a minimum of 300,000 Canadian Dollars in net worth (along or with the help of spouse/common law partner). You’re also needed to have minimum 2 years of experience in running a legal business in the last 5 years from your date of submitting the application. Medical and security background check are also mandatory.
  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme: The rudimentary requirement for this is that your intended destination must be the region. You’re required to invest 800,000 Canadian Dollars through an approved financial intermediary, or by financing that investment which will be returned by Ottawa after a period of 5 years. A minimum of 1.6 million Canadian Dollars in legally acquired net worth (with the help of spouse/common-law partner) is essential. Minimum 2 years of experience in management of legal farming, industrial business or in a legal professional business is needed. Medical and security check ups are mandatory.

Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Programme: The eligibility requirements for this visa scheme are – You should meet minimum language requirements in English or French (CLB 5 in all abilities), have sufficient funds to settle in the nation, pass Canadian security and medical clearances, provide your business meets ownership requirements, and have completed at least one year of post secondary education. If you’ve secured a commitment from a designated Canadian angel investor group, your investment should be at least 75,000 Canadian Dollars. For venture capital fund it must be at least 200,000 Canadian Dollars.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Quebec and Federal: Mid-range net worth applicants with suitable entrepreneurial experience are eligible to apply under the one of many PNPs. This programme is administered by individual provinces of Canada and follows a two-step process to Permanent Residence (PR). Under the PNPs, applicants first apply to be nominated by a province, and on the basis of that nomination may obtain PR following Federal health and criminality checks.

Federal Self-employed Immigration Programme: Requirements for this programme are relevant agricultural, artistic, or athletic experience in order to help your employment. You and your family members must have a medical exam and get police certificates. You must also show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family after you move to the nation.

These are the basic requirements for some of the most popular Canadian business immigration visa schemes. You must fulfill each of them in order to acquire the visa and permission to work or do business in the nation. Seeking a skilled immigration agent can make your process a lot easier and smoother.


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