Decoding Major Requirements for New Brunswick Canada Investment Programme

New Brunswick Canada Investment Programme

Are you aware of the fact that the Investment Programme run by New Brunswick, Canada offers unlimited benefits to those who use it? This Maritime Province is one of the smallest but the most popular provinces of the Maple Leaf Country. It proffers different immigration categories to the aspirants and its investment programme is one of the most selected categories and it invites the applicants who wish to invest in a profitable business or company in the region.

New Brunswick Canada Investment Programme

New Brunswick Canada Investment Programme

The main element of this scheme is the investment in the nation. It is a mandatory condition for the applicant who wishes to migrate and seize the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). What (as a migrant) you enjoy in New Brunswick is the lowest investment that is expected from an individual, as compared to any other Canadian province.

Like all other plans, securing some points on Assessment grid stands there too. The minimum qualifying score is 50 points. These points are easily claimed through education, age, language skills and the ability to sustain in the province. This is a fixed point system that assists in securing points for any visa category.

New Brunswick Canada Investment Programme–Key Requirements

However, there are some more requirements to be fulfilled:

  • An individual need to show that he possesses capital worth 300,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • He is capable of making an investment of 125,000 Canadian Dollars in the province. He needs to ensure that he will actively participate in the business.
  • The individual needs to submit all the relevant proofs stating that the funds are earned through a legal works.
  • His financial management experience makes the greatest difference to his profile.
  • It is expected that the business started by the candidate will flourish in the region as it should meet the requirement and necessity of the province.
  • He should be able to make a clear layout of his plans and business proposal.
  • When a candidate‚Äôs application is selected under the programme, then he is called for an interview in New Brunswick so he needs to stay there for 5 days.
  • French is a dominating language in the Canada, it is expected that an applicant possesses good knowledge of English and French language.
  • He needs to deposit 75,000 Canadian Dollars as security clearly stating that he will make an investment for lock-in period of 2 years on obtaining PR. When a candidate starts investing in the province, his secured amount is refunded to him but without accruing any interests on it.

The applicant needs to fulfill all these requirements, but with the sole aim of providing maximum benefit to him there some relaxation is given. If you, own personal funds of 50 million Canadian Dollars or more, which you have acquired from working legally, it can bring a big relief to you in getting an exemption from the education requirement. This can be claimed by filling a form provided by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Last but not the least, the migration process is completed in different steps and for hassle-free migration, make sure that you complete the process after reading all the rules and regulations carefully.


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