Denmark Green Card Scheme—Major Requirements, Advantages

How does it feel staying in a country that witnesses the least amount of corruption, optimum living standards, best healthcare and highly internationalized education? Well, a rational person would definitely answer in ‘yes’. It is a given thing that when you are in the Nordic Nation, you got to enjoy the best life that one can even ask for.

This country is very rich in diversity even while innumerable opportunities for students and workers give it an extra edge. So, if you are planning to move to the Northern European Country, then you are not doing anything wrong. This place deserves the laudation–and if you want to change your life–then you must not deviate from the desire of moving to the country.

Now, one may ask that how can you move to the overseas hotspot. Well, the answer is simple: with the help of Denmark Green Card Scheme. What is it and how one can make the maximum out of it?

Under the Danish Green Card Scheme, one can live and work in the country for a specified period of time. However, when you are going for the movement, you need to have certain things in mind. In this piece, you will get to grab a few way around that can help you move in style to Denmark.

But, like it was said earlier, the country follows very strong immigration system and to breach it requires that additional endeavor that is not so easy to come. So, you must break the Green Card point based immigration entry system for restructuring the way to the nation.

So, if you want to make yourself eligible for the Green Card Scheme, you need to qualify these requirements:

1. You must have an educational qualification of Bachelors and above. At the same time, your degree should be such that it is recognized on the Danish soils. If you meet with that, then you can easily qualify for the Danish Green Card Scheme.

Take a look at the point-wise breakup of Danish Green Card immigration!

If you have done Bachelors, then you would be awarded with 30 points, Bachelors with 1 year program can get 50 points, Masters are eligible to hold 60 points, and PhD program can harbor 80 points for streamlining the prospects of moving to Denmark.

One more interesting thing that the readers should know about Denmark immigration is that since this country falls in the list of Schengen countries, if you get the Danish Green Card through immigration scheme, then you would be rendered eligible to move to any other Schengen country, as per your specific choice. This is an additional leverage that Schengen countries enjoy, in terms of immigration.

Coming back to the Green Card immigration, if you have knowledge of any of these languages–like English, German, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian–you can score additional 30 points for supporting your Green Card immigration.

So, what are you waiting for, Denmark is all game so do you want to play.



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