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Denmark as a destination offers an unparalleled opportunity to help you fulfill your dream of striking it rich and lead a healthy and stable life. If you finally contemplate a plan of applying residence permit under Green Card of Denmark, you have the option of going through every process on your own. There is a more feasible alternative available, to hire services of an Expert Visa Consultant who is well versed with the process and procedure Danish immigration.

If you are aspiring to go on your own, it would be convenient enough for you to explore all information available on the Danish official Immigration website and some other good consultant sites. FAQs relating to queries on the process and various aspects of the visa can be of great help. Getting this all in place is sometimes demanding and often confusing. You fit in or you do not fit in the green card criteria. for e.g., the age factor makes a mention of point distribution only up to the age of 40 years, if you are above 40 then should you apply or abandon the idea of relocating to Denmark.?

The second option s more unlikely to be missed if you closely analyze the cumbersome process of understanding the official statutes regarding the visa norms, required qualifications and  the relevant rules that would apply in your case. Do not worry at all, a majority of people who got paranoid by initial self assessment of their eligibility to immigrate to Denmark successfully made it to this beautiful Nordic state.

Hiring an Expert Danish Green Card Consultant can ease off a lot of burden of tackling the application and follow-up issues off you and you can just walk down the aisle as guided by your consultant and see all the tasks being achieved smoothly.

Usually a Visa consultant with a stature like Abhinav having a global presence and an expertise spanning over a number of years, successful cases and dealing almost in all the major immigration hot spots can smoothly execute required process. They can easily assist you in correlating qualification specifications according to the Danish standards and also elaborate the correlation process of Cirius.

We have the minutest details of the process of the Point bases assessment (PBS) and can estimate your prospects of qualifying the PBS stage. Based on your credentials we can simply explain and tabulate the criteria which can help you score better and where you stand a lesser chance of scoring.

Right from creating the Case order Id to payment of fee and preparation of Green Card Application a Well versed Visa Consultant can help you to easily get near to your dreamland.

If you are thinking of applying for Green Card of Denmark it is advisable that you hire services of an expert visa consultant who is well versed in Danish immigration. An expert can make all the cumbersome process of going through the application process sail smoothly.

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  • Ajmal

    I am few months above 40 years, but I still have the points that qualify me for the Denmark greencard. Do u think i m eligible? and do u recommend that i should apply?

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