Denmark immigration Beckons Mechanical Engineers

Denmark is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe. It is famous for many reasons and to name a few it is democratic in nature, offers excellent healthcare and education system, civil liberties are duly granted and standard of living is extremely high. In the cross national studies of happiness, the country has also been ranked as the ‘Happiest Country in the World’.Free Assessment form

In recent time, the country has emerged as a hot immigration destination in Europe, thanks to its thriving economy and employment opportunities, the Nordic Country proffers to 100s of 1000s of skilled workers. Such workers are always on a look out for suitable opportunities and lately they found that the ‘Happiest Country in the World’ offers the maximum number of opportunities in various sectors.

At present, a large number of trained workers are required in some specific sectors, like Medical, Engineering, IT, and Academics among all. The most popular sector is engineering.

Denmark immigration–Mechanical Engineers

As per a survey conducted by the Danish Society of Engineering, in the next five years, the country will need more than 41,000 Engineers in various sectors. In particular, a high number of Mechanical Engineers will be required making it the most popular occupation in the country.

Given this, if you are a trained Mechanical Engineer, and the country attracts you, then you should not miss this opportunity, and should streamline your visa application at the earliest. The occupation is also mentioned on the country’s Positive list, a list of occupation currently facing shortage in the country, which means your chances of getting a visa are really high.Check Your Eligibility

Work Profile

It is a major branch of Engineering and broadly deals in Material Science and Physics for analyzing and manufacturing mechanical systems, such as vehicles and machines. Mechanical Engineering is a growing field. The fact is today’s industries require production of large systems and machineries to small parts of devices. To meet the growing demand, we need such professionals in almost every field.

The major responsibility of such professionals is to conceptualize the idea and then design and bring the product to the market. The job is both challenging and innovative. No industry can work without such professionals. It is a diverse field with loads of growing opportunities.


Mechanical Engineers stand a great chance of Denmark Immigration if they posses following qualities along with formal education:

  1. You have a technical bent of mind, open minded, eager to work in team and deliver under tight deadlines and pressure.
  2. You have a keen interest in the conventional mechanical sector; for example, solid mechanics, metallic materials and designs.
  3. You have a high adaptability level and are open to have international experience.
  4. You are fluent either in English or Danish language.

How can you move to the country?

To join the thriving economy, you are required to obtain a work permit. You may either streamline your visa application via Danish Green Card Scheme. It is a point based system similar to Australia or Canada immigration programme. To be eligible, applicants are required to score at least 100 points in total on the basis of adaptability, education, language, experience and age; or if you have a job offer of worth DKK 375,000 from a Danish employer, then you are eligible to apply for pay Limit Scheme.Click Here


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  • Subhadarshi Guha

    Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
    This is to inform you that I am a mechanical engineer from Kolkata, India. I have been working in Coal India Limited, a major public sector unit in India for 3 years as a maintenance engineer both in the base workshop and the field-control room. I have an interest in Physics and the Physics related to mechanical systems.
    With regards,
    Subhadarshi Guha.

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