Denmark Immigration from India

With the lowest crime rate, Denmark is highly identified for being the safest place in the world and thus attracts immigrants from across the world. Being home to a majority of wealthiest people, Denmark offers a meaningful and fearless life for such people and they don’t need to surround themselves every time with the bodyguards.

Although Denmark is located in small size, still it got a wonderful recognition in the world for having a modern and fast-developing economy that placed it in the category of some most popular immigration countries. It provides a better arrangement of health, transportation, education and several other basic needs of the citizens.

Denmark is one of the places on this planet, where one can find several welfare systems that are mainly concerned about helping citizens and immigrants in the country. Even though Denmark is known for high living cost, you can easily sustain in the country by getting immense support from such welfare systems.

Indians frequently choose Denmark as their immigration destination for having wonderful desires of getting a European standard lifestyle, peaceful life, high earning opportunity and much more. In addition to this, Indians got a wonderful privilege in the form of job card scheme that lets them enjoy living in Denmark and find the best suitable job according to their profile.

In other words, Indians have a great dominance for applying Denmark immigration under the job card scheme – four other countries like China, Poland, Ukraine and Germany – are also in this race. Many applicants prefer to apply for Danish Green Card to immigrate to Denmark, if you are also looking for the same, then, you are suggested to explore a detailed information regarding point base system.

Following the point base system, it is mandatory for all the applicants to earn at least 100 points to qualify. Besides, satisfying eligibility criteria is certainly the most important requirement to get the visa, issued with the validity of 3 years. The intending applicants must take a look at the various points that need to be satisfied by them under the eligibility criteria. Such points have been mentioned below.

  1. The applicant’s age must not be above of 40 years
  2. Must have completed Bachelor or Master Degree from any recognized university/institution
  3. Must possess at least one year experience
  4. Proficiency in any of the languages like English, Norwegian, German and Danish
  5. Must be able to adjust according to Danish environment

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