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Rising figure of Indian immigrants in Denmark, eventually pricked up the ears of Embassy of Denmark and Iceland, came up with a great decision to open a Visa Application centre with the great cooperation by VFS Global Visa Private Limited, concerned for operating the branch, to serve Indian citizens.

With a great hope to accommodate to those who wish to apply for a Long Term Visa, Tourist, Transit and Business visa, the Danish Visa Centre in Delhi serves the applicants by providing all the details related to Denmark Visa Information India and allows visa seekers to go through a self assessment to ensure their eligibility for getting visa and catch every single point with great clarity.

Opening a new visa centre in the capital of India brought great liberty for the concerned application in getting Denmark Visa Information India, can be accessed either by visiting the centre directly or accessing the site, offers the most satisfactory answers of your all questions related to getting Denmark visa. Indian applicants have better privilege to submit their completed applications at the Danish Visa Centre, available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, in accordance with the specified jurisdiction.

The intended applicants must know about several steps, mentioned below, of visa applying process and follow each of them carefully.

  1. The applicants must submit their filled application form along with several other required documents at the VFS Visa Application Centre or Embassy of Danish
  2. The applicants must have to disclose their clear purpose of visit to Denmark that may help them to speed up the visa process.
  3. The applicants must go through all the security regulations before visiting Visa Application Centre or Embassy of Denmark

As far as visa processing time is concerned, it’s entirely depends on the Embassy of Denmark, verifies your submitted application and all documents, and finally takes decision of granting visa to the applicants. Before stepping up for getting Danish visa, an applicant needs to make sure about various documents that are listed below

  1.  A valid passport as a national identification issued within 10 years and with two blank pages
  2.  The applicant’s passport must contain 3 months of validity from the date of their arrival back in India
  3. The applicants must submit their application within the 3 months of their requested date of arrival
  4. The applicant’s completed application must be accompanied with two original passport size photographs and various other documents
  5.  The applicants must remember that their application will be accepted only until the 5 days before their mentioned date of travelFor More Information, Visit :

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