Despite Pandemic, Canadians Support Immigration

Canada is reputed as one of the most tolerant and accepting countries on the subject of immigration. In recent decades, the increasing Canada immigration levels have been supported by the majority of the population, who understand immigrants’ economic value. While the pandemic has encouraged many countries to opt for an inward-looking immigration policy, a new survey indicates that Canadians remain more welcoming towards immigrants than ever before.

Despite Pandemic, Canadians Support Immigration

Despite Pandemic, Canadians Support Immigration

The Environics Institute for Survey Research released the results of the Focus Canada Survey conducted in mid-September 2020 with responses from 2,000 Canadians:

  • Two-thirds of respondents across the country rejected the suggestion that immigration levels in Canada are too high. This is a record high.
  • Above 50% felt that immigration is essential for population growth, while one in every three respondents disagreed.
  • Over eight in 10 people felt that immigration positively impacts Canada’s economy.
  • Around eight in 10 people also disagreed with the idea that immigrants take away jobs that belong to Canadians.
  • A plurality of respondents disagreed with the idea that it is not legitimate to have too many refugees. This was the first time in the past four decades that such a positive response was recorded.
  • Less than 50% of respondents felt that immigrants do not adopt Canadian values. Since 1993, the number of people holding this view has never been lower.
  • For every person who felt that immigration makes Canada a worse country, five felt that immigration makes Canada better – primarily because it creates multiculturalism and diversity.

These positive trends have been recorded throughout Canada, across all demographics, income groups, and political ideologies. Even though Canadians may be separated on specific issues, but they are in consensus while recognizing that economic growth depends heavily on immigration. Rather than focusing on ‘protecting jobs,’ Canadians express solidarity and welcome newcomers with open arms and give away Canada PR Visa.


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