How Quebec Differs from Other Canadian Provinces?

How Quebec Differs from Other Canadian Provinces?

Quebec is a wonderful immigration destination with enormous facilities for overseas aspirants, from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are several significant things that have made this beautiful Canadian province stand out from other provinces of the Canada.

Separate Immigration System

The immigration system of Quebec differs from the Provincial Nominee Programs. The government of this province has its own unique set of immigration requirements and laws. These immigration rules and regulations can only be amended by the government of the province, along with the annual quotas, depending on the requirements of the province, and keeping in line with the Federal Government. The visa processes for Quebec Immigration are relatively simpler and faster than the Federal Immigration programs.

Unique Culture

Quebec is known across the world for many things. One of the aspects that contribute to uniqueness of the province is its culture. This province has developed a vibrant culture which is contemporary in nature. Quebec maintains a culture at the junction of American and European trends. There are many factors which have contributed in the cultural and artistic distinctiveness of this Canadian province.

Use of French Language

Any individual, who wishes to migrate to Quebec, must have the basic knowledge of French, which is the official language of this province even while it is also considered a common symbol of belonging to the distinct Quebec society and intercultural dialogue. It also has the largest francophone population across Canada and the entire North America. More than 80% of the population of this Canadian province uses French as its main language for verbal communication.

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