Does Idea of Permanent Residency for Professionals in Australia Stimulate You

It is no secret that the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, continues to attract professionals and specialists from various fields. Today, the world is moving at a quite fast speed even as modern technologies are, sort of, ruling and dominating the world.

To meet the growing demand, more and more professionals–from various fields–are wanted throughout the globe. And, when a country fails to meet the demand, internally, the only option left is to attract brain from overseas even as the same eventually proves to be the most beneficial for the professionals from across the world.

This takes us to Australia immigration for professionals and permanent residency in the nation! The well-known and widely visited immigration hotspot has never hesitated from drawing the finest talents and providing Permanent Residency for professionals, who are capable enough to join the professional sector in the country.

As a permanent resident in Australia, you get a permanent visa that gives you the great freedom to live in Oz indefinitely. Frankly speaking, for any professional this could be a dream paradise on earth. You enjoy the freedom of unlimited and unrestricted travel within the country.

However, in the first go, the visa granted is legally valid for a fixed period of five years. Once you have successfully lived for a period of five years, you have to file a petition once again–either from within the country, or from your native country.

In the country, the demand of professionals, such as; for instance, doctors, accountants, engineers, and nurses, etc., is quite high. This though does not mean that other professionals are not needed or wanted as the experts from other domains are equally wanted across Oz.

However, every professional is entitled to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) only once they have successfully lived and worked in the nation for a minimum of two years, in a specified area. Thereafter, the person might be lucky enough to get the much awaited and the most desired Australian Citizenship and Australian passport.

Permanent Residency for Professionals in Australia–Top Benefits

No wonder, the permanent residency remains the much awaited and highly wanted. It makes not only your future rather bright and prosperous. Your family members also stand to gain equally.

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  • You are entitled to remain in the country indefinitely but are not considered the Australian Citizen.
  • You are entitled to travel within the country as per your specific ease. You can easily re-locate within the country and join the workforce accordingly.
  • Your children–between the age group of six to eighteen– are entitled to study in public schools duly funded by Australian government–that too without paying a single dollar. Yes, it is true! Isn’t it amazing!
  • You are at liberty to travel overseas any number of time as per your particular requirements, but while returning you need to hold a valid Resident Return Visa (RRV).
  • Only if you have successfully lived, as a permanent resident for a period of 10 years, you are allowed to get old age pension.
  • If required, you are entitled to avail the public healthcare as per the government scheme known as Medicare.
    Those–who are determined to get permanent residency—are well advised to make sure that they are processing their application, under the right category.

Significantly, there are basically two streams for the aspirants. Under any specific category, make certain that you meet the required criteria, and stand a positive chance. Apart from this, you will also have to appropriately prove that you have a rather clean background, and are 100% healthy with no serious medical issues whatsoever.

Only after you successfully meet the conditions–as laid down by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for Australia–you will be given the PR status, and allowed to enjoy all the benefits that greet those with the cherished status.


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