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The Eb5 immigration ranks as one of the most conspicuous of the permanent residence options in US. The individuals from a wealthy background do see this as there chance to US Immigration and that too on permanent residence basis. The Eb5 Immigration consultants promote this visa for it is acquired in a shorter duration than other visas. The documentation is also not so elaborate as compared to the other visa options.

The Eb5 visa requires a substantial investment of about $1million to a commercial enterprise in any urban area or alternatively an investment of $500,000 at a rural area with high rate of unemployment. The investment should also generate 10 jobs for the local US workers on a continual basis. The program doesn’t make it mandatory for the investor to have an active participation with the day to day management of the business, but it cannot be completely passive also. The Immigration consultants do make it mandatory to document the ‘source of funding’ as lawful acquired. The funds should have been earned, ancestral or are received as gift.

The status on permanent residency remains active for a period of two years for the investor and can be make permanent on one condition. The investor needs to confirm that the investments would not be withdrawn and that it would continue to generate 10 jobs directly for the local population. As per the immigration policy, the investor can either invest directly in his or her own establishment or to a firm owned by someone else. The Obama administration also makes an extension to the Regional Centres clause. As per the clause the investor can also invest at any of the regional centres owned by US under the public-private partnership. The investment should again give rise to 10 more jobs directly to the US workforce. In most cases the regional centres are of a public-private partnership and don’t therefore require an active involvement of the investor. The US immigration policy finds this an addition to its economic policy. The objective is to successfully related immigration to the economy of the nation. The potential and prosperity of US attracts a good many immigrants to direct their investments. Eb5 goes on to add immigration to this investment activity to further strengthen the association. The immigration therefore not just brings in a good investment but also a sound business acumen.

Abhinav outsourcing has been a pro at filing applications under the Eb5 visa and to make sure that they get qualified. The consultancy firm also has a good knowledge about the existing regional centers and the areas where new regional centers are being planned. This along with a sound knowledge on immigration policy helps the advisory team to successfully manage Eb5 visas. The consultancy provides services on documenting the source of investments funds as per the Eb5 regulations to make sure that no hiccups come later in the process. On the later part, Abhinav outsourcing also provides its services on Permanent Residency, Issues on Citizenship and associated aspects.

The Eb5 visa requires a substantial investment of about $1million to a commercial enterprise in any urban area or alternatively an investment of $500,000 at a rural area with high rate of unemployment. The investor is instantly approved Permanent Residency and without much documentation.

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  • preet rupal

    Respected sir/mam I want information related to U.S.A workpermit visa because I got two letter related to nurse job from usa and information related to ASC form please call me and give me information because I want to apply for this job

    • sanam

      Dear Preet,

      Please note that we are an Immigration Consultant and do not offer services for work permits/job placements.

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