Electrical Engineer 233311 Immigrate To Australia

Australian economy is witnessing a resurrection after passing off global crisis and there has been a noticeable rise in demand for professionally trained workforce in basic infrastructure industries. Power sector is most prominent of them. To sustain growth in this sector Australian authorities have listed several skills under general skilled migration-GSM. Power sector specialists can now easily Immigrate To Australia as Electrical Engineer 233311. You do not need to secure a job before applying for visa under this classification

Code 233311 is a unit 2333 classification; the qualifications for this class are in tandem with the stipulations listed in skill level 1 of ANZSCO.

Electrical engineers work in designing and overseeing the production assembly lines, operational aspects of machinery and devices used in generating, distributing and monitoring electricity

  • Conceptualizing and improvising energy sector components ranging from power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Establishing various requirements of machinery for power grid in generation stations, transmission and distribution.
  • Planning and improvising various electrical machinery, appliances and devices
  • Generalization of diagrams, minimum benchmarks relating to devices, apparatus, statutes and rules for electrical components and utilization
  • Monitoring and supervising supply and procurement sources for power devices and
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  • Scheduling delivery and installation itenary for transmission machines and apparatus
  • Controlling various areas and aspects of power sector like upkeep and sustaining quality of generation facilities, industrial installations, transmission, distribution channel
  • Improvising, crafting, developing and overlooking installational aspects of control and signal systems for surface transport and aviation sector
  • Participate in R&D in energy electric sector involving electricity generating technology, transmitting channels, distribution networks and electrical machinery.

For applying as Electrical Engineer – 233311 you need to have a minimum of trade specific graduation. In certain cases stipulation may accompany a stipulated trade experience coupled up with training on job.

Committing your academic and experience documents to a rating study by Engineers Australia – EA is first step in the migration process. EA after evaluating your credentials advises Department of immigration and citizenship – DIAC on your credential ratings. DIAC subjects your profile to point assessment and advises you to file for visa, if you qualify on the points criteria.

You must compulsorily register yourself with specific authority of state where you are going to settle down or National Professional Engineers Register which has a nationwide acceptance. Registration is mandatory for you to exercise your profession.

It is always convenient to join an energy sector associate body after you Migrate to Australia as 233311 – Electrical Engineer. This will help you to expand your horizons and give you required exposure in power sector. It could also assist you in getting a better job

Electrical engineer 233311 is a GSM category. Minimum qualifications are graduation or equivalent. Experience & on job training may be needed. EA rates your credentials & advises DIAC. DIAC after PBS suggests you to file for visa, if it is satisfied with your qualifications.

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