Engineers top occupation list for Canada’s new program 2013

Canada is a highly prosperous and economically affluent country. But what it lacks is skilled manpower although there is no dearth to the availability of international class infrastructure. Most importantly, there is certain work sector where Canada lacks specialized workers. That is the reason why it has been regularly coming up with new immigration programs for the skilled federal workers.Free Assessment form

Engineers top occupation list for Canada’s new program 2013 is one such step taken keeping in mind the requirement of high demand professions in Canada. These professions are identified by the government of Canada. Recently a new list of professions depending upon the shortage of professionals in particular field has been created by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

New updated list of occupation

This list will come to effect from 4th May 2013. It includes around 24 high demand professions under Canada’s Federal skilled worker category. As promised earlier the Federal Minister of Canada recently announced the occupation list and the basic framework for Canada’s new program 2013 engineers top occupation list.

Although the applications for the new occupation list are going to be accepted from 4th May of this year, since the rules and regulations this time are quite strict, it won’t be possible for the aspiring immigrants to come up with duly completed application on the first day itself. New applications forms are going to be issued which is a latest addition. Similarly, from this year, educational credential assessment will be required. And the assessment should be conducted only after 18TH April.Check Your Eligibility

More demand for engineers

One year experience has been made mandatory for all the occupation listed. The list is expected to undergo changes periodically. At present the list reveals that the Federal Minister is more interested in attracting professional from technical and engineering field. This year the medical field has been given less importance.

You can see that nine out of the whole 24 occupations are related to various engineering fields. This amounts to around 37 percent of the total list which is considerably high. Also a cap of 5000 new applicants has been fixed on overall applications. That is why, this year the race is going to be pretty stiff and tough.

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Occupation list for Canada’s new program 2013

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analysts, Geoscientists and oceanographers, Engineering managers Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Petroleum engineers, Aerospace engineers Computer engineers, Chemical engineers, Mining engineers, Geological engineers, Land surveyors, Computer programmers, Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics, Occupational therapists, Medical laboratory technologists, Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants, Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety, Audiologists and speech-language pathologists, Physiotherapists, Cardiology technicians, Respiratory therapists, Medical radiation technologists, and Medical sonographers.

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Canada has been looking for skilled professionals for sometime now to fill its inadequacies in particular areas of work. That is why this year it has introduced a new occupation list. But it comes with lots of hurdles which can be overcome only with the help of reputed immigration consultant like Abhinav Outsourcing.Click Here

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