English Tests Raises Question Mark on Credibility of UK Immigration Structure

In the aftermath of the recent revelations about serious defects in the Tier 4 (Student) immigration arrangement, an ex British civil servant has raised a BIG question mark on the dependability of the nation’s immigration data.

James Brokenshire, the concerned person, made a statement to the British House of Commons concerning the exploitation of the structure for testing the English of candidates for the Tier 4 Student Permits. He divulged that well-prepared criminals had duly targeted the structure. He confirmed that ample proof existed that extensive cheating had been carried-out at many test centres even while not less than 29,000 persons had managed to clear their English exams (a key condition for a Tier 4 Permit), via dishonest methods.

Tests Cleared Dishonestly

He maintained that an additional 19,000 test passes could have been gained, through not-too-honest manners, and added that the administration was verifying results from additional test centres, to find-out if the results from these too were something to worry about.

As per another concerned person, it is likely that the final figure of the deceitfully attained permits would be somewhere in trhe region of 65,000. He stated that it is easier said than done to have any faith in the truthfulness of an arrangement that has been exploited by a minimum of 44,000 persons.

Reservations about regime’s immigration assertionss

He added that there ought to be presently no doubts about the administration’s claim to have brought down net overseas movement made to the country. He asked in case the English test has been so systematically compromised, on what ground could it be claimed any additional law is successfully implemented?

Remarkably, the current British Premier, David Cameron, vowed—in his capacity as the opposition  chief, prior to the previous polls in 2010–to decrease net immigration (the figure of visitors departing from the nation taken from the figure of migrants landing on the British soils) to ’10s of 1000s ‘ per annum, prior to the next polls in 2015.


London has reportedly taken several key steps to effect the change and these comprise:

  1. Shutting down the Tier 1 (General) permit class for the ‘highly skilled migrants‘ (typically graduates) from throughout the globe. The Home Secretary affirmed that ample proof existed that many people in the UK with Tier 1 (General) Permits were professionally associated with low-skilled employment opportunities.
  2. Bringing the curtains down on the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Permit Class which permitted the overseas graduates of the British universities to do a job in the Island Nation, for a period of two years, post graduation.
  3. Putting an upper limit of 20,700 per annum on the figure of the Tier 2 (General) Skilled Worker Permits obtainable every year.
  4. Shutting down more than 700 ‘bogus further education colleges’, via snatching their licenses for the Tier 4 sponsorship, in the process, making it unlawful for the Non-EU students to pursue studies therein.
  5. Beginning a bare minimum earnings threshold for the nation’s citizens, eager to usher-in their foreign partners to reside with them in the country. As per the new arrangement, it is currently essential that the UK partners take home not less than 18,600 British Pounds, prior to ushering-in the non-EU partners to stay with them.

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