For Smooth UK Immigration, Use Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa!

Greece is turning bankrupt, stagnancy prevails in the Euro Zone, and Portugal and Spain are finding it hard to maintain their normalcy, but yet the European continent has been attracting investments and immigration. Now, you may be wondering that why so amid such a chaos.

Well, the reason to blame is Germany, France, the UK, Latvia, Hungary and Poland. These economies have been averse to the recession and stagnancy, and they are experiencing a real good time. Germany, France and the UK have emerged as a backbone bolstering the Euro Zone. And the business friendly environment and contributing government policies have given more leverage to Entrepreneur looking for Tier 1 Visa for UK immigration.

In such sordid times, the Euro Zone wants to stand, and for that various honey trap policies, like low taxes, important duties and other hassle-free operation are proviUK Entrepreneur Tier1 Visading them the much needed support to help overcome the challenges in the business and thrive in the environment.

So, if you are someone who is willing to go for a hefty investment and you are looking forward to right avenues, you can always bank upon the Entrepreneur Tier 1 visa for UK Immigration. The best part about the immigration visas that revolve around investment is they are quickly processed. The process of getting the visas approved is not pretty cumbersome, and you can easily get them in the fastest way possible.

Let’s discuss the Tier 1 Visa UK Entrepreneur Programme!

Who are eligible to apply for the visa?

The best part about the Entrepreneur and Investor Visa is they don’t need any respective experience or skill set. You just have to meet with the minimum educational qualification and language proficiency, and the rest can be overlooked. The same goes with the UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 visa.

Take a look at its requirements!

  • You must be a graduate with an astonishing business idea.
  • You must not belong from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.
  • You must have a UK recognized master and bachelor degree.
  • You must be endorsed by any authorized UK higher educational institute 3 months prior to the movement.
  • You must have 945 pound in saving while applying from the UK, whereas if you are applying from outside the UK, you should have 1,890 Pounds.
  • You must be proficient in English.
  • You must have permission to remain in UK from your financial sponsor.

How long it takes for the movement?

Basically, it will entirely depend upon your endorsement and sponsorship. If the endorsing institution believes that you would instantly make a difference with your business idea, things would work real fast for you. However, at times, it may even take a longer period because of certain complexities.

If you are using the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Programme for immigration, the maximum time that you can stay in the nation would be around 1 year. But, it can further be extended as per the specific need of the British economy.


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