Express Entry Application Form–What Documents Need To Be Attached!

Express Entry Application Form

Most overseas immigration motivated people’s open love for Canada, the Maple Leaf Country, is pretty well-known. In the last few years the interest of worldwide migrants in the country has increased mainly after the decision of Britain to leave the EU and after Trump Government stormed to power in the US.

Express Entry Application Form

Express Entry Application Form

If you also love this hotspot and it’s your dream to become a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR), then it’s time to actually live your dreams in reality through the Express Entry System. But before you do so, you must fulfill certain conditions accurately even as filling the Express Entry application form is one of them.

The submission of the form takes place once you have been given an Invitation to Apply (ITA). At this stage, you get an opportunity to claim the much sought after Permanent Residency in the nation.

However, it is not only important but also mandatory to submit the application form correctly and on time with genuine information that matches with your online profile, or else you can spoil you opportunity to live and work in the hotspot.

Now let’s take a look at the certain crucial steps must be fulfilled to submit the application form correctly!

Many times internet connection slows down or does not work properly. You must save the online link that will directly link you to the online application form. This way, you can fill the application form at your own convenience. Meanwhile, you must remember that the Invitation to Apply (ITA) is valid only for 90 days even while you should not take a day more to complete all the required paper formalities, or else your ITA will lapse, and you will have to go through the entire selection process once again.

The form requires catering to certain information marked as ‘mandatory’. Before submitting the application form, make sure that you have given the required information–that too complete and true to your knowledge.

When you have filled the Express Entry application form, you will be provided with an official document checklist. This is really important along with the application form you have to attach all the documents mentioned in the checklist. If any document is not attached, the application form will be considered incomplete and will not get through the final stage.

Required Documents

As mentioned above, you will be provided with a checklist and you will have to submit the official documents as per the list. For your reference, following is the list of the needed papers:

  1. Valid passport with at least 1 year validity period. If your passport is about to expire in six months, first renew your passport and then apply.
  2. Languages test score.
  3. Qualifying job offer from a Canadian employer (if applicable).
  4. Provincial nomination certificate (if you have been nominated).
  5. ECA report.
  6. Education degrees.
  7. Experience certificate.
  8. In some cases, financial proofs also need to be attached.

Filling the Express Entry application form can be a tedious and complex process and so you can take the help of an immigration consultant and simplify the entire process.


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