What Are Latest Express Entry Canada 2015 Updates?

Before the Express Entry system came into existence, it was rather difficult to live Canada immigration dreams in reality. People found it pretty difficult to immigrate to the country. It was especially difficult for those candidates who did not have a job offer from a Canadian Employer, or a close relative already residing in the country.

With the introduction of Express Entry System, candidates were relieved to know that it will be much easier for them to move to the country of their dreams and live a peaceful life.

Prospective immigrants who know about the Canada Express Entry System 2015 but wish to have latest updated information are on their toes. Any candidate who wishes to get them updated on the system can simply do so by any time checking the official website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

So far, the CIC has conducted 12 draws and the very recent draw took place on July 10, 2015, and around 1516 candidates received an ‘Invitation to Apply’ (ITA). The minimum score of the draw was 463. With the 12th draw, the long wait of many applicants to receive an ITA has ended, and they have been rejuvenated with the hope of being selected in the future.

With the announcement of the Express Entry System, the CIC also announced in total maximum of 25 draws will take place in the year 2015 alone. With the successful completion of the 12th draw on July 10, 2015 the system is in the middle of its set target.

In past, the CIC conducted 11 successful draws between the time period of January 1 and June 26, 2015. The latest draw has seen slight decrease in the cut off for issuing an ITA from 469 (the score of the eleventh score) to 463 intensifying the hope among the remaining prospective immigrants that they might be get picked in the next draw.

With the announcement of the system, it was aimed to attract as many as 2, 60,000 to 2, 85,000 candidates to the country. In the light of achieving the set target, the CIC has fast processed the draws and it’s likely that in the future the gap between the two draws will only reduce.

However, at this stage, if your name has not yet been picked up, do not be disheartened! Candidates who are interested to live their immigration dreams are advised to have a sharp eye on the latest updates, and not miss any news on the Canada Express Entry 2015.

But, at this stage prospective immigrants can get themselves familiar with the complete process that streamlines the immigration programme. The main aim of the programme is to draw skilled professionals beneficial for the national economy and the country in the long run. So, if the Express Entry System is on your mind, you should emphasize on work experience, educational qualification, adaptability and language proficiency. The rest is secondary.


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