Keen in Immigration? Express Entry Canada 2015 Visa Programme Awaits You!

The year 2015 has begun on a brisk note when it comes to immigration to Canada. Now you may ask why so? Well, the reason is that the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the Canadian governing body that is authorized to handle all kinds of immigration to Canada—has launched an unprecedented initiative to facilitate overseas movement to the nation.

The programme is named as “Express Entry Canada 2015 Visa Programme”, and it will ensure that Canada immigration-motivated aspirants from across the globe can easily move to the overseas hotspot, without any major hassles whatsoever, and inside just six months or so. This innovative online scheme has done away with the old antediluvian programme that Ottawa used to follow where leverage was given to first-come-first-serve.

It is anticipated that the scheme will unveil some unprecedented changes in the immigration and visa procedure, and for the first time, more leverage will be given to skills rather than availability for overseas movement.

What is Express Entry?

“Express Entry” or also known as “Expression of Interest” is basically an immigration programme that the Maple Leaf Country has adopted starting from January 1, 2015 for ensuring that immigration can be facilitated in the country. Introduced on the lines of the Australian SkillSelect, the Canadian scheme helps in ensuring that only skilled professionals can move to the nation, and bring about development and growth that the country requires so badly.

In Canada, there are many sectors that are currently resource starved, primarily; the labor capital and many professions are there where the availability of labor is almost at its nadir. So–to streamline the demand and supply for labor–the country has adopted Express Entry Programme for ensuring movement to its shores.

Who Can Move Under Express Entry Programme?

Primarily, the programme facilitates the movement of three groups. Take a look at them!

You can move to the nation under three sub categories under the Express Entry Programme.

1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)

3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

How to Facilitate the Express Entry Application?

In the first place, you must submit an application for Express Entry online. There is provision for digitalized application, and you will have to just sign up for that through online. You need to give some basic information, like, for example, education, age, experience, IELTS score.

And, on the basis of those parameters, the concerned visa and immigration authorities would duly evaluate you, and place you in the immigration pool. Once your profile is selected, and you manage to enter the Canadian Job Bank, the employers would shortlist eligible candidates and sponsor them for moving to Canada.

Let’s take a quick look at the requirements for all the three programme mentioned above, and help you make things clearer in order to streamline your movement to the nation.

Federal Skilled Workers Programme

Eligibility Criteria

  • The incumbent should have one year of experience in the job that is in demand in the well-known global immigration hotspot.
  • The work should not be internship; rather, the person should be in the company’s payroll.
  • The person should have educational qualification that justifies their work.
  • It is important to have English Proficiency.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme

  • Should be willing to live outside Quebec
  • He/she must have two years of experience in the relevant field
  • Must have English proficiency
  • He/she should be involved in full one year of employment in his or her native country for the year preceding the movement.

Canada Experience Class

  • Should have prior experience in managerial job.
  • 1560 hours of work experience in one year.
  • Must have a Canadian high school and PG degree.
  • Must have passed a language test as prescribed by the CIC.

Express Entry Canada 2015 Visa Programme would facilitate as high as 1,80,000 legal immigration this year. So, are you there in the picture? If not, then make haste before it’s too late!



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