Express Entry Exciting For Skilled Workers from around the World

Post December 31 aspirants, who wish to apply for Canada immigration, cannot submit an application through the nation’s skilled migration program as the Maple Leaf Country–as it too well known by now–is officially launching its much publicized Express Entry Program. This specific immigration program is loaded with vast migration opportunities for the candidates keen to work in the nation even as this makes Express Entry quite exciting for skilled workers from around the world, rightfully so.

Under the latest program from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), aspiring migrants will manage to present an application for a visa on the basis of his specific talent, educational and work experience, irrespective of the limitation of occupation list which was, a sort, of hindrance to the candidates before. Depending on the data supplied by an applicant, the immigration organization will take a decision on his entry to widely preferred and much loved immigration hotspot ‘Located in the North of the US’.

It is claimed that this particular mode of selection will not only be fruitful to the skilled workers, motivated with Canada immigration, but it will also give golden opportunity to the provincial and Canadian governments, along with the Canadian employers, to select the most talented candidates from the pool filled by the interested applicants.

Express Entry is highly exhilarating with the reason being more number of talented people from round the world will be able to cross the borders of Canada and gain admission even as they can make the cut, via the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and also a section of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The applicant–who ranks the highest in the likely economic success of the country—will have a better chance of being accepted and becoming eligible for the cherished and the eagerly sought after Permanent Residency (PR) Status in the nation.

To be more precise, entry to the immigration hotspot will be based on what could be called cherry-picking techniques where upon the candidates, who get accepted by a province, federal government, or by a Canadian employer, will be sent an invite to submit a petition for a visa and Canada PR.

Significantly, the CIC has increased the number of migrants to be accepted under the new arrangement. And this clearly shows that it is keen to give more opportunities to the talented people from across the world to get admission into the Maple Leaf Country through pool selection, in the process making Express Entry exciting for skilled workers from around the world.

Ottawa, in fact, has opened its doors wide open for more talented candidates. This fast entry mode is expected to make remarkable improvements in the way the process of migration to Canada is performed. It will emphasize more on the overall quality of application and the petition processing will take less time. Express Entry will also give a great deal of convenience and a large number of options to the candidates to choose from, from different fields.

One of the major reasons behind the growing excitement of the aspirants is that the program does not impose the need of a restricted occupation list as one usually finds with other migration programs. A candidate has to present his documents irrespective of any profession or industry limitation.

Notably, the earlier FSW Program had restriction of application, and it was limited to just 1,000 petitions under eligible occupations. Also, work experience was mandatory, and as a result, many aspirants, who moved to Canada, were not able to help the Canadian economy grow further. Now–thanks to the latest structure–there will be no such limits on the candidates who put forward a petition using the Express Entry route. Further, unlike other migration programs, it will not have any time limits. An applicant can put forward an application whenever he wishes to, and this certainly makes Express Entry rather exciting for skilled workers from around the world.


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