Express Entry–A Synopsis

Canada Express Entry System

Canada Express Entry System was introduced by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on 1st January 2015 as one of the fastest pathways for those who wish to immigrate to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

Just six months old the newly introduced Express Entry system has proved to be of great value as under the system eligible candidates straight away receive the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation.

Tenth Express Entry Draw Performed

Significantly, on June 12, 2015, the CIC carried out the 10th draw from the Express Entry pool. It gave a combined total of 1,501 Invitations to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR to aspirants having 482 or above Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

The draw saw a major reduction in the figure of CRS points needed in order for applicants to get an ITA for Pr, vis-à-vis the previous (ninth) draw, which occurred on May 22.

Express Entry Process

Coming back to the Express Entry process, potential applicants can create an online profile any time, without fearing about missing a deadline, or a cap on the number of applications to be accepted. In order to reach the second stage, the candidate will have to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) expressing why they wish to live and work in the Maple Leaf Country.

Once an applicant meets with the eligibility criteria, for any of the following economic programmes, he will reach the second stage and will be placed in the ‘Express Entry pool’ along with other counterparts.Canada Express Entry Occupation List

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and
  • A Portion of the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

Each candidate will be duly evaluated as per the CRS. Candidates with high score are likely to be issued an ITA by the CIC, which means officially the candidate’s application has been approved, and he has 60 days to claim PR.

In order to select eligible candidates, draws at regular intervals throughout the year will take place, and aspirants with high scores are likely to receive an invitation to apply. Their selection is highly influenced by the score an applicant scores under the CRS.

How to increase your chances to be get selected for the Express Entry Pool?

A candidate can increase his chances to get selected for the express entry pool emphasizing on the following factors:

Language Skills–Candidates are suggested to brush-up their language skills even before they create an online profile. IELTS score is recognized universally and is a proof demonstrating the level of language proficiency of an applicant or the applicant can write CELPIP – General 2014 as Citizenship and Immigration Canada are not accepting earlier CELPIP-G tests scores.

Provide only relevant information–While creating an online profile it is advised to provide only relevant information that should be crisp and informative. Misrepresentation in any form is not accepted, and depending on the severity of the same, i.e., misrepresentation, a penalty of up to five years from entering the Express Entry Pool, or prohibited for a similar time period from applying for a PR is given.

Don’t trust blindly on the Express Entry Wizard–While creating Express Entry profile some sections may show you ‘status complete’ if the section has been completely filled by you or ‘in progress’ if the section is yet to be filled. But, at times, technical malfunction may occur, which may show status complete even before the section has been filled by you. Therefore, candidates are requested to double check before they leave the page.

LMIAs plays a vital role in Express Entry–Provincial nomination or a valid job offer may earn you additional 600 points in the CRS. Therefore, a candidate with a provincial nomination or a job offer from a Canadian employer, with either a standard or permanent LMIA, almost stands a chance to get an ITA.


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