Express Entry Programs Occupation List 2015

Express entry system, immigration program for the Canada is introduced for a high economic development and making the system electronically. An electronic immigration system for the Canada is very beneficial not only for the Canadian organization and government, but also for the applicants who apply for migration as it gives an open opportunity to migrate quickly by applying online and getting all the verification done through electronic mode.

The business persons, employees and students who need to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident has to apply for migration under the citizenship and immigration Canada by checking the occupation lists as per their qualification. These lists are separated under several heads depending upon the type of skill a candidate possesses.

Some of the express entry program occupation list 2015 are:

011- The Administrative services managers

012- The Managers in financial and business services

031- Managers in health care

041- Managers in public administration

217- Computer and information systems professionals

311- Physicians, dentists and veterinarians

632- Chefs and cooks

633- Butchers and bakers

And the list goes like this..

With the great features of immigration to Canada under the express entry system:

  • With an emergence of a new express entry immigration pool the application has become easier for the qualified candidates.
  • Giving a facility of filling all the priority preferences and knowledge of education, language, knowledge, skills, work experience, etc
  • The improved ranking system has also benefited as the candidates who has got the high qualification gets selected instead of the candidates who ahas applied first.
  • Getting an invitation to apply for migration by accepting with0in 60 days

These occupation lists give an update every year and help the candidates to qualify for the immigration. With a knowledge of speaking the languages like French and English the migration opportunity becomes easier and the chance of getting selected increases. With the few easy steps now going to the place of opportunities Canada has become convenient. The candidate needs to enter under the express entry pool, complete all the required eligibility criteria, complete the profile of express entry, get an invitation and then accept the same in the 60 days, get ready for the interview and then to take off for Canada.

With the changes in the immigration process the migration of candidates into Canada has become easier as well as the number of qualified candidates are getting appointed. Since, the migration to Canada has become so popular because of its infrastructure, economy growth and better living the candidates keep on applying regularly to fly overseas.



  • Pallavi

    Please may i know how to inititae for job searching & for visa for canada?

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Pallavi,Thanks for your comment. Let me make it clear that we are immigration consultant. we can help you in the PR process only. We don’t provide job assistance. Kindly send your detailed resume at [email protected] for further guidance.

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