Factors considered for priority processing for Australian immigration

Australia being a popular immigration destination, thousands of people file for immigration to Australia every year. Though there is a set procedure for the processing of visa applications but a handful of applications are given a priority in processing. These are the applicants who are believed to be contributing immediately to the Australian economy by filling

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in the job opportunities in their respective nominated occupations in Australia. This is why, the priority application processing of people seeking Australia migration is done based on the demands of the Australian job market.

Factors that are considered for priority processing is given below in the order of their relevance, with first factor being the one with topmost relevance:

  1. Employer sponsorship
  2. Territory or stare sponsorship
  3. If the nominated occupation of the applicant appears in the CSL (Critical Skills List)
  4. If the nominated occupation of the applicant is enlisted in the MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand List).
  5. Remaining applicants.

However, this priority processing for Australia is different for the provisional applicants. Given below is the priority relevance for provisional applicants, starting from the highest:

  1. Territory or stare sponsorship
  2. Family sponsorship, when the occupation of the applicant is included in CSL.
  3. Remaining applicants.

Priority processing definitely proves to be an added benefit for those who qualify, in gaining an easy visa to Australia without any delay. An experienced Immigration specialist can help you in proper assessment of your profile and occupational background. They identify possibilities of filing in any of such priority options and provide their useful guidance to help you sail easily through the immigration process.


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