Faulty Residency Applications in Australia Give Many a Miss!

It has been seen by that there has been a high failure rate when it came to the residency applications by the immigrants to Australia. In 2008, it was reported that upto 50 percent of the applications were rejected. Out of these, 30 percent of the applicants applied via the internet through an online application form. However, they forget to be specific regarding the exact immigration program they belong to and

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the visa class under which they should apply for.

In addition to this was the right source of information which was lacking here. Without knowing the eligibility criteria and not availing the services of a registered migration agent added further to the issue.

Another 20 percent were found to be merely confused and irritated with the entire procedure of filling up an application. Hence, they could not resolve their queries regarding specific subjects from the immigration authorities. In the end, they were found to be dropping out of the process.

This shows the failure rate of up to 50 percent for those applicants who believe in ‘do it all’ and ‘know it all’.

However, if compared to those who applied with the help an agent, the success rate was as high as 98.5 percent.

Residency applications are at a very critical stage during the process of immigration. For instance, if an individual gets a good employment opportunity in Australia, he could only avail it unless he gets a residence permit to live and work in Australia along with his spouse and family. Hence, at this stage, a minor error committed by a deserving applicant can shelve the individual’s immigration process and so does his job.

However, with the help of an established and seasoned migration agent, the entire process of getting a residential permit as well as the immigration procedure becomes more predicable and is most cases, successful.

Hence, a small pin drop error can make you lose worth millions. So, why not invest a bit more and be happy forever?


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