Figure Of Foreign Caregivers Entering Canada To Increase In 2014

In a somewhat remarkable development, the in-office immigration minister of Canada has reportedly proclaimed that the government will take vigorous actions to chuck-out immigration build-up. The minister strongly believes that the same is a key subject related to immigration.

Live-in Caregivers Program (LCP)

Chris Alexander, the minister, also promised that the processing time for the scheme would be duly covered even as he also said that the augmented wait times in the program is intolerable. He further said that the administration has already decreased the backlogs of submissions filed by qualified employees & also by aliens’ parents & grandparents.

Live-in Caregivers Program Figure

Reportedly, 2014 will see a chain of amendments on the front of immigration even while the major development will be an augmentation in the volume of Live-in caregivers given admission into the nation. The next year, the Maple Leaf Country will welcome over 17,000 aliens, and would promote them to the position of permanent residents. The said program started in 1993. Since then, the nation has by no means allowed such a large number of caregivers into the nation.

Problems staring caregivers hitherto

Majority of the caregivers conclude their time of work quite truthfully and in so doing become qualified to gain permanent residency standing. In view of their genuineness, the regime permits them to get this status, and so their volume goes beyond the one duly planned by the administration.

But, notwithstanding being professional besides earnest, the backlog of petitions & their time for processing has continued to be an important subject with them. As per Alexander, caregivers are assured to arrive in Canada with the permanent residency standing, post concluding their job sincerely Given this, Ottawa requires keeping up its commitment.

Significance of caregivers

A noteworthy section of the families have both the parents fruitfully employed to enjoy a superior lifestyle and give their kids every basic necessity and facility. The country is populated by a large number of elderly & disabled people, and for these persons caregivers are required, but they are not obtainable locally. For this reason, such a program has been tailored.

Permanent resident status conditions

The caregiver-candidate ought to cater to these prerequisites to gain Permanent Resident status:

• She ought to have been productively involved with work activities or 24 months or two years for a permanent job even as it ought to be approved.

• She ought to have been fruitfully involved with 3,900 hours of sanctioned employment, on a permanent basis.

The employment experience will be duly calculated inside 4 years of the aspirant’s arrival.

In the backdrop of an increase in the volume of working parents and aging people, the nation requires a large number of professional caregivers. The given requirement may be catered to only in case trained professionals from abroad are given red-carpet welcome and allowed admission, via the said scheme.

The year 2014 will be witness to a chain of improvements on the immigration front even as the most important development will be an augmentation in the figure of Live-in caregivers entering the country.


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