Find Out How to Make Skilled Migration to Australia!

Skilled Migration to Australia

If you are interested to make skilled migration to Australia, to work and live in the country, you can easily do so by applying for a Work Visa, sponsored by your employer. If in case you don’t have a current employer, who can sponsor your visit, you can also explore the various occupations given in the annual Skilled Occupations List (SOL), released by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the apex visa and immigration regulating body for the nation.

Skilled Migration to Australia

Skilled Migration to Australia

If your skill is in requirement in the country, then you can choose to work and live easily. This programme is referred to as the SkillSelect Programme which facilitates the migration of the skilled workers to Oz and allows them to contribute to the country’s economy, and be pivotal in its growth and development.

Under this specific visa, you will be entitled to work in the nation, for a period of four years, post which you may also submit an application, for the prized and the much sought after citizenship in the country.

One of the most accessible and responsive methods to gain a foothold in the nation, making skilled migration to Australia will give you maximum privileges and let you enjoy better wages and higher standards of living in one of the most developed global economies.

As Australian economy gears for fresh and emerging challenges, there is always a pressing requirement of the trained overseas workers and professionals who wish to work in Oz. For the same, the 457 Visa is a most preferred choice of the professionals looking to shift as a trained employee.

If you plan to move as a qualified worker, you would be required to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI), under the SkillSelect Programme, and nominate the skill and its corresponding occupation in the nation.

As per the minimum requirements, the applicant or migrant must be between 18 and 50 years of age, must have sufficient proficiency in the English language, and should also possess the skills required for an occupation.

After submitting the required documents and completing this process, the DIBP would decide to send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a visa and migrate to Down Under, for the object of working and living there in.

Seek & Get Professional Assistance

For more information on the subject, and the related help and guidance contact professional visa and immigration agents. They will help you make the cut and make the most of your skills to move to Down Under inside a short period of time and without any major roadblocks. But hire only trusted and experienced specialists. You can trust Abhinav to show you the way and help your crack the Australia Visa code.

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