Find Out How Express Entry Canada Works, Move Overseas Permanently!

A great deal has already been written about Express Entry Canada and how it works. Unfortunately, still, sometimes there is much confusion regarding this. Here, an effort is being made to share some important facts on how Canada Express Entry works. Check and gain from these!

To begin with, an applicant has to submit an online form and share key details involving his qualifications, experience, line-of-work, language abilities, Canadian Experience, Canadian Education, spousal language abilities, etc.

Ottawa will then appraise the profile along with appropriate certificates and details, and afterwards specify the appropriate and selected scheme from these specific economic programmes, namely, Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP), Skilled Trade, Canada Experience Class (CEC), and Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).Canada Express Entry

It will evaluate to figure if the aspirant fulfills the selection requirements of any of these schemes. The minimum pass-mark to be qualified to present a petition under Express Entry Canada System is 67 points. It is required that the aspirant fulfills the basic requirements of any of these classes so that he becomes entitled to make the cut to be accepted in the “pool” of petitions.

In case he fails to fulfill the basic selection requirements, then his petition will feature in a “pool” of applicants.

Express Entry for Canada will then give a spot to the candidate and higher he finds in the rankings, better will be his chances of receiving an invite, called an Invitation to Apply (ITA), to submit a petition for Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation.

If the applicant fulfills the mandatory selection requirements and has a 100% definite offer of the job from a Canadian recruiter/firm he will find himself placed high in the pool and obtain an ITA.

It is recommended that the applicants fulfilling the primary selection requirements make an effort to find an appropriate employment to boost their scores and chances of getting an ITA.

The applicant may carry-out an active job search and send their profile straight to the different recruiters/firms.

Apart from this, he may also file his profile/resume in the Canada “Job Bank”. Here, the different Canadian recruiters/firms, Federal and Provincial administrations will access it.

Every Canadian province has a restricted quota of aspirants that they can offer nomination to and so one may also approach the provinces for the nomination. Aspirants, who fulfill the selection requirements, and who have a provincial nomination in their bag, will be out higher in the Express Entry Canada pool.

The applicant will get an employment offer in the Maple Leaf Country, duly supported with Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the concerned body, when chosen by a local Canadian recruiter.

After he gets LMIA, Ottawa will instantly invite him to submit a petition for Permanent Residence Visa (PRV). A post he gets the ITA he will have to present a petition for the PRV inside 90 days, complete with the needed certificates/papers.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will process most of the complete Canada Express Entry petitions in just six months or even less than this.

Aspirants may remain in the pool for a maximum period of 1 year. In case they fail to get an ITA for PR, inside 1 year of presenting a profile, they have the option of presenting a fresh profile. In case they still fulfill the requirements, they may gain entry into the Express Entry Canada pool once again.


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