For Canada Immigration Motivated Petroleum Engineers Time Perfect Presently

At the present, skilled Petroleum Engineers are ‘officially’ wanted in Canada. The nation is ready to receive visa-applications and requests from the qualified aspirants, from across the world, to fill a large number of vacancies in the domain, on immediate and full time basis. Up for grabs are 1000 positions under the said class.

The nation is rather eager to welcome skilled aspirants who can play a decisive role in propelling the national economy even as it is ready to offer them PR status. Hence, trained Canada immigration motivated candidates are advised to kick-start the visa application process ASAP.

For an aspiring migrant–who is looking for a secured job in Canada–the most suitable gateway is of Petroleum Engineer. It will not only help in grabbing the secured job but also help him in gaining more than handsome pay-packages. He can also look forward to get the prized PR status.

Remarkably, a special bureau has been brought into existence to cater the needs of the overseas Petroleum Engineers. The same is working towards proper job placements and helping them (the candidates) with all mandatory requirements, and in the process, making it more suitable from the viewpoints of immigration.

The code under which a candidate can file a petition for the nominated category is 2145. All compulsory information is covered under the mentioned code. It not only provides job opportunity but also helps in gaining the valid license for the work in the country.

As mentioned before, the country, presently, is running short of professionals in the said field, and so it is eager to draw more qualified and trained applicants from across the globe to its shores, for work purposes. Canada–well-known across the globe for its unmatched prosperity—proffers multiple health and educational opportunities to all. The Maple Leaf Country not only employs trained professionals, but also allows them to shift along with their family and dependents.

Coming back to Petroleum Engineers, trained candidates can fruitfully get involved with Canada immigration, and make a sure shot entry to this hot immigration destination with the surety of job placements. They can also apply for the PR even as they take home CAD $138,500 per annum.

Major Visa & Immigration Requirements

To successfully grab this handsome salary package, and a PR Visa, the aspirants have to fulfill certain requirements as laid down by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). To begin with, they should have Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering as per the norms of the Canadian Government. The applicant should also have at least more than one year of relevant experience. Knowledge of both: English and French language will further enhance the entry to the Maple Leaf Country.

An applicant must also not have a criminal background even as he should not be a drug addict either. Apart from these necessities, the Petroleum Engineers-keen to immigrate to Canada — have to meet some other conditions also. For instance, the applicants must be experienced at drilling operations of gas and oil.


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