Foreign credential referral office – Helping aid for Canadian immigrants

Finding the right guidance in a foreign land in relation to your occupation can be a difficult task. The Canadian Government thereby established Foreign Credentials Referral Office

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in 2008 in order to provide appropriate advice to prospective immigrants and newcomers in Canada. Best work-related advice is made available to candidates regarding their specific occupations for Canada.

Telephonic assistance, online help through website and in-person guidance are some of the ways FCRO implemented to offer assistance to Canada immigrants. Dissemination of essential information, referral services and path finding in association with Canadian Immigration Integration Project is promoted via orientation sessions in China, Philippines and India. These programs provide in-depth information about the Canadian Labor market and Foreign Credential Recognition processes, in order to prepare Canada immigrants in a better manner for the work environment there.

The Government of Canada has recently released the progress report of FCRO’s success. The report briefs the referral services and information provided to the newcomers and prospective immigrants along with an overview of the primary achievements of the body since the time it has been established. There are 320 centers across Canada that provides foreign credentials referral recognition service at this time.

Like FCRO, an experienced and seasoned immigration advisor can share its networks and knowledge skills on post landing issues with clients thereby making immigration a right decision for their clients.


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