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Lithuania is an ideal migration location because of its easy accessibility to Europe and its scenic geographical location. It is the most highly populated among the three Baltic States. It offers great business and investment opportunities for outsiders and gives an easy access to European Trade as well. The country has a free-market economy as most of its sectors are privatised.

To move to Lithuania, one needs a Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa which can easily be garnered if the applicant is well qualified and experienced with proficiency in English language. Once a Temporary Residence Permit is acquired, one can also later apply for the Permanent Residence Permit which will give the right to citizenship.

In order to apply for the Lithuanian Temporary Residence permit, one can go for the services of an experience visa and immigration consultant like Abhinav Outsourcings. For those who live in remote smaller towns with no access to good and experienced consultants, there is free online consultation for Lithuania immigration provided by bigger consultants like Abhinav. An applicant can, with the ease of sitting at home, get information and solve queries online through the assistance of a professional online immigration consultant. Apart from online consultation, which is available at all working hours on working days, there are other facilities like e-brochure and blogs for the assistance of the applicant.

These services eliminate

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the need for the applicant to approach a sub standard inexperienced consultant who might mess the procedure up. Once all the requisite information is gathered online, the applicant can go personally to the closest branch and start with the filing of application, documentation and preparation of Visa interview. Online services provide a huge advantage to those who do not want to compromise on the consultant’s services and wish to gather all the information before hand.



  • sohail

    Hi. Sir,

    Hope you will be fine sir. i wish to migrate and open our sub office in Lithuania. can you please help me. i have plan to visit first week of November. can i get immigrant visa within our stay duration. please let us know which kind of papers we have to submit.

    Warm Regards,

  • im siddartha

    i wish to migrate lithuania wt r the requirements i have to fulfil pls let me know.i did postgraduation in english literature .i had 10 years of teaching experience

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