Fresh Australian Visa Rules Could Subject Students to Mistreatment, Allege Critics

In a crucial development, some experts on the issue of Australian immigration have come down heavily upon the fresh Australian immigration rules,which are meant for the overseas students. Many cases have been brought to light where the concerned immigration officials have not entertained a petition—solely on the ground of their specific and extremely individual dislikes and likes.

The latest rule is meant to zero in on the admission of only real students from overseas nations. It is an obligatory test a student has to undergo while attempting to gain admittance into a college or university of the Kangaroo Land. However, the type of assessment–and the question an official from the immigration department is permitted to ask the candidates—would be insulting for the aspirants, claim the critics.

A large number of students gain admission into Australia as a student, and some of them begin to work as soon as possible, post arriving.Hence, the authorities from Immigration Australia require validating that: 1. The study-course a student settles for is unavailable in the home country of the aspirant. 2. The applicant has sufficient reasons for pursuing the said course in the Kangaroo Land. 3. The candidate also establishes that he will not work, prior to joining a university or college in Australia. 4. The significance of the course picked-up is apparent.

The involved immigration critics further allege that much discrimination is done against the students at the time of their appearance for the given test, and at certain times, the questions appear to be rather offensive as well. Such offensive and insensitive behavior of the officials exist due to the fact that they do not have to respect any boundaries and conditions whatsoever at the time of probing an applicant.

Immigration Restructurings

The administration is busy working to develop the procedure and offer training to the involved officials. That the same will make it possible for them to submit a petition for their judgment even more expertly– and will assist them to judge a case in a better way, minus getting biased whatsoever–cannot be denied.

However, the critics conclude that the concerned officials of immigration require being methodical with their assignment even while for which they require to be offered suitable training. Such officials must be capable enough to refuse or admit a submission-–the reason being there is more to be duly given attention to than just the documents and the certificates, which though may be in black & white.

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