Get Free Australian Immigration Eligibility Assessment, Boost Your Chances!

Are you eager to shift to Australia–under one of its many existing visa categories–such as Permanent Entry Visa, Work Permit, Temporary Entry Permits, Visitor Visa, Business Permits, etc.–but do not have much of an idea as to where you really stand, on the grounds of expertise, language, educational & professional credentials?

If YES, you need to get Australian immigration eligibility assessment done by those in the know, and in the business. YES, this is essential, if you wish to know how bright good (or bad), are the chances of your application making the grade! It’s also required to help you know about the various options that you may have; besides how can you boost your chances further.

Visa & Immigration Bureaus

But from where to get this excellent service—some of the aspirants could wonder. Well, it’s not a million-dollar question; you don’t need to panic as you can easily get the same from the many visa and immigration bureaus operating from most of the leading Indian cities and towns, if you are based in India & have dreams of migrating to Down Under.

Just contact a group which is well-known and trusted–and more importantly—specializes in Australia immigration. The consultants & professionals of such an organization would assist you in this regard. The good news is that most visa consultancies these days proffer the services absolutely free. YES, you do not require paying anything.


This renowned and trustworthy consultancy has a good presence in India even while it operates from the key Indian cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, & Pune. Though it covers most of the leading world immigration destinations, its USP remains proffering quality advice and assistance on Canada & Australia immigration.

Coming back to the title at hand–Free Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment—Abhinav, like many other visa groups, proffers this highly useful services to its would-be clients. The online assessment tool is tailored to instantaneously conclude if an applicant is qualified to file a visa petition for an Australian Permit.

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Immigration Eligibility Assessment done by a reputed and experienced immigration consultancy to know how bright your chances are.