Get Permit for Canada Immigration, Migrate to Top Global Immigration Hotspot

Frankly speaking, a lot has been written and said about Canada, the Maple Leaf Country. During the last one decade or so, the popularity of the country has increased like never before, and made it arguably the Number 1 immigration hotspot in the world. Thanks mainly to its ethnic diversity, many overseas immigration-motivated people, from almost every corner of the world; prefer to immigrate to this amazingly beautiful ‘Land of Milk & Honey’.

The country assures you a great future–full of unmatched happiness, success, and prosperity. All you need to know is about the Permit for Canada Immigration. The visa is basically issued to eligible foreign professionals who intend to either work or study in the nation.


To get hold of a Visa for Canada Immigration it is essential that you:

• Possess a valid passport of your native country and also the related travel documents.

• Are healthy and not suffering from any contagious disease.

• Provide a proof that they have sufficient funds to support your stay in the country.

• Not hold any criminal records and should also not be threat to the national security.

There are many paths to obtain a Permit for Canada Immigration. You can choose from a Single Entry Visa that is valid for six months and welcomes you in the country only once, to a Multiple Visas that allows you to leave and enter the nation as many times up to the validity of you your permit, to a Transit Visa which is valid only for a few hours.

Important: From September 2013, some amendments have been made even as you may also be required to submit your biometrics, such as finger prints and photographs.

Apart from the above three, you can get an entry through Study Visa. Under the category, the applicants–who wish to pursue higher studies in the country–can apply. To become future professionals, from every corner of the world, people land in the nation. To make a prosperous future as a student, as soon as you touch the Canadian soil, you are issued a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV).

Choosing the right permit for yourself depends on a variety of factors, such as; for instance, skill level, location, and the length of your stay along with your nationality, line of work, and personal profile. Those who wish to stay in the immigration hotspot, for a longer period, can submit an application for Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Provincial Nomination Programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Let’s, at first, take a quick look at the first option! It is basically designed for individuals with professional skills who are can immediately join the workforce in the nation and who intend to permanently settle there in. Applicants are assessed through point system, and to qualify, you are required to score 60 points out of 100 up for grabs.

Provincial Nomination Programs

These allow each province of the nation to nominate applicants who wish to settle in specific provinces. It is essentially a fast-track option, and if the applicants meet the criteria, they are provided the prized and the much sought after Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Significantly, the United Nation (UN)—the apex world body—says Canada is one of the best places to live in the World, so why cool your heels to immigrate to this wonderful immigration hotspot? Immigrating to Canada is possible and easy. All you have to do is self assess your capabilities and credentials. If you fit in the bill, the ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, is more than eager to give you a heartwarming welcome.

Professional Canada Immigration Support

Seek and get expert help for a Permit for Immigration to Canada, if the need arises for the same. There’s nothing wrong in benefiting from the expertise of the specialists. Yes, it is a fact!


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