Good Opportunities For Skilled Workers Immigration To Canada

The days to follow are expected to bring some more pleasant news and Good Opportunities For Skilled Workers looking forward to moving to the Maple leaf country on basis of the skilled migration. Till now, the skills migration program of this North American nation has been known for its age old system of first come first serve policy in the skills migration system but the things are bound to change for good as the authorities are going to shelve this policy and replace it a modern interactive system that would prioritize selection of more qualified and adaptable workers over the people who actually filed their requests earlier than more fit and qualified applicants.

The introduction of the new interactive platform ‘Express Entry’ would actually mark an end of the waiting times that have long been associated with the Canadian migration system for so long. The need to change the whole working process of inwards migration was felt by the authorities when they noticed the contemporary governments in other migration friendly locations like Australia and New Zealand. These locations have been using the interactive and active processing for some time due to which they have been able to reduce several anomalies connected with the inwards migration under business and skills migration. The success garnered by the Aussie and Kiwi authorities encouraged the Canadian government to go in for a complete overhaul of their own system.

The Canadian government carried out a deep analytical study of the EOI systems of Australia and NZ and realized that these systems were more adaptive and flexible and provided a lot of the relief to all the parties connected to migration, i.e. officials, participating stakeholder sectors, employers on one hand and the applicants on the other.  After an extensive analysis of the local conditions and gauging moods and the expectations the authorities of Canada Realized Several Opportunities For Change In Immigration system. The new system as per the government would help to address the issues faced by the local stakeholders, employers and states and the waiting applicants simultaneously.

The authorities of this country have finally made up their mind to say adios to the passive processing and switch to system that facilitates active participation in the selection of the suitable people for migration. Although the proposed changes have not gone down well with everybody connected to the migration visa and influenced by inwards migration policy, i.e. the most fierce criticism has been registered by the employers who are not yet sure of the outcome of this scheme, the authorities are quite positive about the benefits of the changes. The government is also touting this scheme as bringing Good Canada Immigration Opportunities To Skilled Workers right at their doorsteps.

The Express Entry would be laden with multiple advantages for the skilled and qualified applicants and aspirants intending to move to the Maple leaf country. Some of the major benefits that applicants may be able to reap some huge benefits from the proposed scheme include

  • Significantly reduced waiting times and subsequent waiting times – the applicants who have been the most aggrieved party till now can now take a saigh of relief as the proposed system would delivery of judgment within 6 months.
  • A single window to access multiple Canada Skilled Immigration programs – applicants would be able several schemes and routes through a single profile, i.e. federal schemes, state back initiatives or be selected by employers.
  • Good bye to tedious physical application process.

The times are definitely going to change now and the woes of the applicants and aspirants are going to end.


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