Grab Immigration Permit for Latvia, Give Wings To Your Dreams!

The Republic of Latvia is strategically located in the northern part of Europe. It’s a very young country having gained freedom as late as 1991.  Since it officially came on the world map very late, the nation finds itself left behind many other powers which seem to have stolen a march over her.

Perhaps, to neutralize the disadvantage, and stay afloat in the world race, the country has aggressively embarked on a journey which sees it fervently drawing and welcoming investors and skilled migrants from across the globe.  The nation has an easy-to-follow immigration arrangement for the various permits which are up for grabs from the Latvian immigration administration. As compared to other top immigration destinations, it is easier to gain permanent residence status in Latvia.

Immigration permit for Latvia helps you enjoy your stay and make your visit rather memorable and fruitful. Immigration to the beautiful Baltic nation is rather easy and simple, courtesy the Schengen Visas, which cover entire Schengen region. After attaining this visa, a person can stay for 3 months to half years– starting from the first day of his entry into the country.

If the pleasing atmosphere and enchanting landscapes motivate you to extend your stay, then you need to extend your visa to long term visa or a permit for residence. This visa can be extended in some special circumstance arising due to many factors. But please note that this extended visa will be valid for stay in Latvia only.

Immigration visa to Latvia is very lenient for researchers, teachers, and professionals. If the immigrant is concerned in some scientific field, then he has to register in scientific institutions for a specific period of time even as the same is not more than 5 years. The third country national don’t need any permit in this case.

Students involved in doctoral field need permit for one year for studies. Though a work permit is issued to the student–who wishes to work, for not more than 20 hours–the work hours could be on weekends or on other days after his study timings every day. A temporary visa might be issued to the spouse or minor children for the residence permit, for a short span of time. After the completion of stipulated permit, the immigrant and his dependants can still apply for extension of residence permit.

The country gives a long term visa if a person has resided for 5 years in the territory of the country. He should be financially good enough to manage his stay in the country. Besides, he should have paid the tax levied on him. It will make him eligible for an immigration visa to Latvia.

The immigrants are expected to pass a simple test on knowledge of the language of the state. For attaining this, he has to pass an exam at the centre of language certification. He is expected to know the Latvian language even while he should have passed the test with first level or to the B level stage.

Post fulfilling the necessary requirements, a special sticker is put on the passport indicating that the passport holder has a residential status for long term. The person who has acquired the valid visa enjoys the opportunity of changing his employer/recruiter or the present job after he has worked for one year. He should work for the owner for the stipulated period of one year who has given an invitation to visit Latvia. It is helpful to him in finding a new job for himself also.

A foreigner, who has acquired immigration permit for Latvia, enjoys equal rights, as compared with the non-residents. They enjoy some special privileges as well which automatically come with the permit visas. The immigrants residing in the Baltic nation can visit European countries with the help of the Schengen Visa.


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    I am a Mechanical Engineer, 54 years age, with 35+ years of vast experience in Manufacturing Industries.
    Am I eligible to stay and work in Latvia ?
    If yes, kindly provide complete details of migration to Latvia.
    Currently I am in Dubai, Working as a Senior Project Engineer.
    Mansukh Soni

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