Get Family Based Green Card from Expert Immigration Company—Yes, It’s Important!

A large number of people migrate due to financial reasons. No individual wants to leave behind their family members, and even if they migrate without them, they wish to sponsor them at the earliest. If you are one of those who aspire to acquire the US Green Card, then you need not to worry. You can easily get a family based Green Card with the help of expert immigration company. Yes, it is crucial!

Green Card is a privilege card granted to the non citizens of the US to live and work in the country permanently. However, their benefits remain restricted and they are not considered as the citizen of the country.

There are multiple ways of acquiring a Family based Green Card, such as if you are lucky enough to have a close relative living in the US, then your problem is automatically solved. Your relative may sponsor you, or else if you are a skilled professional, especially in a occupation that is currently in shortage in the US, then your employer may sponsor you (employment based immigration), via applying in a rare process of lottery.

US Family Based Green Card—Major Requirements

Sponsoring a family member for Green Card depends on your status. Generally, a citizen of the US national has many more options available, as compared to legal permanent residents. Both a citizen by birth and a legal permanent resident may sponsor their close family members, provided they successfully meet other requirements of Green Card Requirements.

The U.S. citizens may sponsor:

  • Their  partner (husband or wife) that includes same sex partner legally recognized by the country
  • Children, marital status and age broadly depends on the application processing time
  • Brothers or sisters of 21 or above

Legal permanent residents may sponsor:

  • Unmarried siblings under any age group
  • Their partners (husband or wife) that includes the same sex partner legally recognized by the country

Visa Processing Duration

Generally Green Card Visa processing may take up to one year, specifically for close relatives from the date United Nation Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) accepts your application for further processing. And in cases where relatives are not close, the visa processing may take up to 10 years.

In order to sponsor a relative you must successfully meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a law abiding citizen or permanent resident of the US, and should have valid documents to hence proof your status.
  • You must share a family qualifying relationship with the petitioner.
  • You have to fill the I-130 petition and should willing agree to sponsor a relative as a legal permanent resident.
  • You must have legal documents to prove your relation with the applicant, and should declare that you are capable of taking financial responsibility of your family and sponsored relatives once they come and live in the US.

Get Family Based Green Card from expert Immigration Company. It is of a paramount importance. They make the complex immigration process easy and simple for you.


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